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Next England Manager BettingNext England manager betting has been hotting up ever since Fabio Capello’s shock resignation as the England manager and the FA have been scrambling to try to find his successor in time for the pivotal Euro 2012 tournament – a tournament that England had originally hoped to do well in. There are a few different candidates in the running for the job – although one seems to stand out above all the others – so let’s take a look at the options you have if you are looking to bet on the next England manager.

Harry Redknapp Betting

By far the favourite choice for the England manager’s position is Harry Redknapp, the current Tottenham manager who seems to have all the man management skills needed to control the inflated egos of many of the England players. The fact that a Tottenham player – Scott Parker – has just been made the England captain could also indicate that the FA are keen to lure him in any way possible to the job. The question that you really have to ask yourself though is this: with odds of just 1.50 on his appointment, is it really worth betting on Harry Redknapp to become the next England manager? After all, he could be lured to play in the Champions League again instead if Spurs qualify.

Harry Redknapp next England manager odds – best price is 1.50 with BetVictor (new customers get a £25 FREE BET)

Roy Hodgson Betting

The second favourite when it comes to next England manager betting is Roy Hodgson, who has managed a number of different teams, including at international level – even if the teams were only Switzerland, the UAE and Finland. This international experience could well give him the edge on other candidates though. The problem that he will face is the fact that he does not have a good record at the highest level, which is proven by his recent disastrous spell in charge of Liverpool. He does seem to be the right age for the job though and will be able to get the respect of the players; a bet on the next England manager to be Roy Hodgson can be made at 6.0 on BetVictor and looks quite tempting…

Roy Hodgson next England manager odds – best price is 6.0 with BetVictor (new customers get a £25 FREE BET)

Stuart Pearce Betting

If possession is nine-tenths of the law, then Stuart Pearce should be regarded as one of the favourites to become next England manager, as he is the interim manager while the FA looks for a new coach. The only chance that he has of keeping the manager’s position on a permanent basis though is if the FA doesn’t manage to find someone before the Euros, and then he leads the team to a very good finish. He has a real lack of management at the top level and could be seen as too young though, although it seems that the FA re grooming him for this position at some point in the future. Bet365 are offering the chance to bet on the next England manager and Pearce is 9.0, but he will only get the position by default if it happens.

Stuart Peace next England manager odds – best price is 9.0 with Bet365 (new customers get a £200 FREE BET)

Other Candidates

As soon as the position came up and next England manager betting markets we’re posted Jose Mourinho was there and odds on his appointment as England manager are at 11.0. Pep Guardiola is at 17.0 while a more realistic prospect – Martin O’Neill – is found at 41.00, which seems to be a very good price. The fact can’t be hidden that Harry Redknapp is going to get the job if he wants it though, so will betting on the next England manager should be simple, right?

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