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On Page: BetVictor app download instructions – find out how to get the BetVictor betting app working on your mobile phone.

Betvictor Application

Using BetVictor as your mobile application is one of the easiest ways of gambling on the move. The mobile webpage is optimized for mobile devices, and can therefore be accessed on any phone capable of displaying webpages. This includes all smartphones such as the iPhone, and android phones. BetVictor is also available on tablet computers such as the iPad and Samsung Galaxy tablet.

How to get BetVictor on your Phone

Note: Before you use the BetVictor app you MUST open an account with them at – click the link to do this now and get a £25 free bet.

Getting the BetVictor application on your phone couldn’t be easier. There are no apps to download and it’s simply a matter of going to the BetVictor mobile website which turns itself into an app.

1: Click here to open a new Betvictor account and get a £25 FREE BET!

2: Launch the native web browser on your smartphone or tablet computer. For Apple devices this will probably be Safari.

3: In the address bar, type, you will automatically be forwarded to the secure version of the BetVictor website (you can tell because URL will contain https at the beginning)

4: If you wish, you can add this address to your bookmarks or favourites, and that way you can access the site easily wherever you are.

The BetVictor smartphone site is laid out so that mobile phones and tablet computers can access the information easily. This way, there is no need to download an app and install it onto your phone.

To use BetVictor on your mobile first open an account by clicking this link!

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Key Features of the BetVictor Mobile Site

Betvictor Mobile AppLike most bookmakers, the BetVictor phone site allows you to place bets on all kinds of sports events. You can choose from many different markets including major and minor sports events. It tends to concentrate more on horse race betting, football and the other major sporting events, and information is shown clearly in an easy to learn interface that is uncluttered and quick to use.

  • Allows mobile betting, so you can access your account and bet from anywhere.
  • Allows “in-play” betting.
  • Horse racing odds are guaranteed to be the best odds available.
  • A comprehensive results service allows you to check on markets that have already closed.
  • Game stats are included for in play and completed markets.
  • All major and minor sports markets are on offer.
  • Frequents special offers and promotions/

BetVictor Mobile Compatibility

Since the BetVictor system isn’t an app, it relies solely on browser technology. This means you don’t have to download anything to bet, and its cross compatible on virtually every device capable of displaying a webpage. The BetVictor app or mobile site doesn’t use “flash”, so it can be used on Apple devices. Simply go to the BetVictor site on your mobile device, create an account, and start betting.

Mobile App vs BetVictor iPad App

Betvictor on iPad

The differences between the mobile app and BetVictor iPad App are cosmetic only. In actual fact, both the mobile and iPad app use the same software and log into the same site. What is different is how the software recognises what device you are logging in from and then how it chooses to display the information on your browser.

In essence, the software recognises which kind of device you are logging in from and then optimises itself so that it can best display the most likely kind of bets you want on your chosen device. This means that while the front-end display may look different on an iPad compared to a mobile, in essence you are logging into the same site.

The only small difference between both sites concerns navigation. Touch screen technology on the larger Betvictor iPad app makes navigating around the site easier and quicker than on smaller smartphones, or those lacking a touch screen. As you can see from the image above navigation of the bet slip is all done on the same page and you don’t have the outward scrolling that the mobile app employs.

The Verdict

Although BetVictor isn’t one of the best-known online gambling sites around, it’s actually been operating since 1963 under the name of Victor Chandler. It has been running it’s online operation since 1999, and for that reason it has a lot of experience in the industry.

BetVictor’s online site is easy to use, and boasts many features. It’s simplistic view means that it loads quickly and is fast to run on virtually all devices. It can sometimes however be difficult to find certain markets quickly, and for those used to playing multiple markets at once, it can be difficult to quickly swap between all your open positions. That being said, once you get used to the interface, it’s not that bad. It’s not the prettiest of sites, but by no means an ugly duckling either.

BetVictor and their app really excel when it comes to quality of odds, and you will be hard pressed to find better odds elsewhere. The feeling is that BetVictor welcomes punters of all abilities, from professional to casual. Most people will feel quite at home here and all the major deposit methods are available.

To use the BetVictor app you must first visit and open an account – for more info on BetVictor we suggest you check out our detailed BetVictor review page.

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