Bet365 Auto Cash Out Feature – How Does it Work?

A fan of betting on events in different time zones? Placed a bet on a race you can’t watch? Think you can’t cash out while you’re asleep or busy? Well Bet365’s newest innovation, Auto Cash Out, means you can think again.

This new Auto Cash Out feature allows customers to create ‘cash out rules’ which can be actioned without their further input. Here’s how it works…

What is Auto Cash Out at Bet365?

Auto Cash OutUpon placement of the bet or at any other time between then and the bet’s settlement, you can choose to create a cash out rule, which will mean that the bet is automatically cashed out if the cash out offer reaches a certain threshold.

That threshold will be whatever you choose to set it at, and the auto cash out will take effect regardless of whether you are logged in to your Bet365 account or not.

To make the new feature even more user friendly, auto partial cash out is also available. That means you can set your cash out threshold but then instruct Bet365 as to how much you wish to be cashed out and how much you wish to let ride.

Auto Cash Out example:

Say a you place a £10 bet on a team to win the Superbowl at 3/1 (returns £40 total).

With auto cash out, yout could create a cash out rule that means your bet will be cashed out if at any point the cash out offer exceeds £20.

Alternatively, with auto partial cash out, you could instruct for a total of £15 to be cashed out at that point, whilst the remaining £5 is allowed to ride.

Either way you don’t need to be logged in for the cash out to happen.

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How to Use Auto Cash Out: Step By Step

As innovative and ground-breaking as auto cash out is, it is actually really simple to use. All you need do is follow these simple steps:

  • Go to Bet365 and log in or join now (100% bonus up to £200).
  • Place the bet you wish to place and then head to the cash out section of your account.
  • Click or tap the cog icon found at the right of the cash out button, and select the ‘Auto Cash Out’ option.
  • Enter the threshold value at which you wish a cash out to occur into the ‘If the value reaches’ field.
  • Alter the cash out slider to set the amount you wish to be cashed out. Leave it at the maximum level if you want the entire bet to be cashed out or lower it if you want it to be a partial cash out.
  • Select ‘Create Rule’ to give auto cash out your instruction.
  • Do whatever you want, safe in the knowledge that your cash out instructions will be followed without the need for you to do anything else at all.

If you do wish to change or to remove your cash out rule at any time, you can simply follow the same steps and make the required alterations.

Auto Cash Out Terms & Conditions

Fortunately, the terms and conditions associated with use of auto cash out are broadly similar to those applied to Bet365’s cash out facility more generally. The most notable of them are as follows:

  • Auto cash out is available on selected events, fixtures and markets for sports including football, tennis, cricket, basketball, rugby league and Aussie rules.
  • All cash out requests are subject to a time delay, including auto cash out requests. If a market is suspended or the cash amount changes during that delay, the request may fail.
  • If an auto cash out request is successful, the bet is settled immediately. The final result of the market in question will have no impact on the winnings received (except in the case of partial cash out).
  • Some Bet365 bonuses and promotions will not be applied where any cash out feature has been used to either partially or wholly settle a bet.
  • The full collection of terms and conditions which apply to auto cash out can be found through the Bet365 website.

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