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Author: Last Updated: May 8, 2020

Bet365 Bad ReviewsIf you look at the online reviews for any major company you will find both glowing endorsements and angry criticism of the organisation.

In the case of bookmaker and online gambling provider Bet365, however, the bad reviews that are out there seem to totally contradict my Bet365 review (where we rate them as a 5* bookie).

If you google ‘Bet365 Review’ you’ll both good and bad reviews. I want to address those bad Bet365 reviews and explain why I disagree…

This review is the personal opinion of the Cheeky Punter.

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Bad Bet365 Reviews & Comments: Explained

There are five main points that all negative reviews of Bet365 seem to focus on, I’m going to address all of them.

#1 – ID Provision & Account Verification

Account Verification IDA huge number of the negative reviews of Bet365 are written by customers who are unhappy at having been asked to provide proof of identity, in order for the company to verify their account and therefore allow withdrawals.

I get it… they let you deposit and spend your money but then they why do they want ID to make a withdrawal?

All online bookmakers and gambling providers are legally required to request such proof of identification and do not single out individual punters.

The reason you are required to do this is in order to:

  1. Prevent minors from illegally accessing their services.
  2. Guard against their sites being used for money laundering.

Even the most frustrated of reviewers surely can’t possibly argue that those aren’t good reasons for account verification to be required.

Note: when bad reviews focus on the time it takes for the verfication process to be completed and not the actual process then I can understand your frustration.

#2 – Bet365 Bonus T&C’s

T&C'sAnother common complaint aimed at Bet365 by negative reviewers concerns the terms and conditions that the company attach to their promotions and bonuses.

Basically you’ve got to meet certain requirements to qualify for all promotions.

In this area, I can have a little more sympathy for customers complaining.

On the surface, to a new punter, it can look like they are getting something for nothing with promo’s (even though new gambling advertising regulations have been implemented to stop this as much as possible).

The bottom line here is quite simple. You MUST read the terms and conditions of any gambling offer. The offers are in place to attract you to sign up and NOT to put the company out of business.

I actually feel Bet365 do a pretty good job of making it as clear as possible that T&C’s are attached to their offers (such as bet credits) and you’ll notice they never use the word ‘free’ when advertising the deal.

Check out them out for yourself and open an account with Bet365 today! (T&C’s apply, 18+)

#3 – Account Closure and Limitation

Account ClosedWhy have Bet365 closed or limited my account?

Account closure and limitation is something else which is mentioned in a lot of bad Bet365 reviews. Having an account closed or the level of bets allowed to be placed limited will undoubtedly, after all, be frustrating for anyone.

Once again, however, it does have to be noted that Bet365 are by no means the only company who do this. In fact, there is no major bookmaker or gambling provider who doesn’t close or limit certain accounts – it is simply a fact of the industry.

Furthermore, whilst Bet365 do close and limit accounts, the process of doing so is far from theft or fraud, which is how it is characterised by some reviewers. The company will never, after all, remove any fairly won money from a customer’s account and instead simply limit the amount a profitable punter can bet going forward.

When your account is closed or limit your will ALWAYS be able to withdraw your winnings and move to another bookmaker if you please.

#4 – Casino Games Are Fixed / Rigged

Casino GamesPlenty of negative Bet365 reviews also claim that the company’s casino client is in some way rigged or has a winning ratio that is far lower than it should be.

Right out of the gate let me say that this is total rubbish and shows a profound lack of understanding of how online gambling works.

Online casinos, after all, are licensed and regulated by official bodies and have games which are run by random number generators (RNGs). Those RNGs are then independently and stringently tested in order to ensure that they provide winning ratios which are not only above board but also exactly as advertised on the casino’s website.

There is, of course, a house edge involved when it comes to the playing of any game but if there wasn’t, then no online casinos would exist. A failure to understand this fundamental aspect of playing casino games, therefore, is all that can explain this variety of bad Bet365 reviews.

#5 – Cash Out Broken: Delays & Glitches

Best Cash OutFinally, a number of more negative Bet365 reviews also complain about delays or problems occurring when trying to cash out an in-play bet.

Once again, it’s entirely understandable that a punter might be frustrated when this occurs, but the idea that such issues are engineered in order to avoid paying out winnings is farcical.

Even a cursory glance at Bet365’s terms and conditions regarding cash out will tell any punter that cashing out while an event is in-play is subject to a delay, and that if a market changes or is suspended then the cash out request will fail.

This is simply unavoidable when it comes to in-play betting and cash out facilities, and is commonplace across the industry and not just in the case of Bet365. Technical glitches with cash out, too, whilst unquestionably annoying are once again largely unavoidable and are not evidence that Bet365 are unfairly stacking the deck.

Where Are The Bad Reviews Coming From?

The above, therefore, should hopefully debunk some of the more nonsensical bad Bet365 reviews that are out there. The number of such ridiculous reviews that are in evidence, however, does beg the question of exactly where they’re all coming from…

A handful of far-fetched negative reviews, after all, could be explained by a few disgruntled punters who don’t have a particularly good handle on how online gambling actually works. A larger number of such reviews, however, may suggest that rivals of Bet365 may have a hand in spawning such negative publicity.

Whether that is definitively the case remains to be seen, but bad Bet365 reviews which specifically name a rival company the supposed reviewer is going to take their business to, certainly seem more than a little suspicious.

I’m a big fan of the company and you should make your own mind up (I’m confident you’ll agree) – open an account with Bet365 today!

Up to £100 in bet credits at Bet365!

Open Account Offer. Up to £100 in Bet Credits for new customers at bet365. Min deposit £5. Bet Credits available for use upon settlement of bets to value of qualifying deposit. Min odds, bet and payment method exclusions apply. Returns exclude Bet Credits stake. Time limits & T&Cs apply.

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  • Philip James
    January 11, 2021

    Do not believe scumbag punter, he is either mad, paid by £250 million a year from her wages or trusts lying, robbing, toerags. Go nowhere near them. Betcrap.

    • David Lenton
      January 11, 2021

      Thanks for such an insightful comment Philip… I can assure you I don’t work for Bet365.

      I do have over a decade of experience dealing with online bookmakers though and I can tell that Bet365 run one of the most stand up operations out there. I’m not saying they won’t limit your account if you’re a big winner or close your account if they deem your behaviour to be exploiting their bonuses but they’ll tell you exactly what they’re doing and you’ll be able to withdraw any funds you have on the platform.

      Hate to break it to you but all bookies will do the above, even high-street shops will ban or limit certain punters, it’s part of the game. Most will do it in a much more predatory fashion than Bet365. You have been warned.

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