Bet365 Mastercard – What is it & how does it work?

Bet365 MastercardIt’s in the interest of both punters and the bookmakers who serve them for it to be as easy and as convenient as possible to deposit and withdraw from betting services.

The major online bookmakers, therefore, are continually striving to introduce new innovations to make life easier for punters. Once such innovation from Bet365 is their Bet365 MasterCard, which forms the focus of this very page. If you’re interested to know just what it is and how exactly it works, you’ve come to the right place.

What is the Bet365 MasterCard?

Bet365The Bet365 MasterCard is a prepaid card onto which funds can be loaded from the balance of the holder’s Bet365 betting account. Being prepaid, the card is not a traditional credit, debit or charge card but it can be used in some of the same places and the same ways as those cards.

Once the card has been funded from a punter’s Bet365 account, for instance, it can be used to withdraw funds up to the value of those loaded onto it from a participating ATM that accepts MasterCard prepaid cards. Similarly, the card can also be used to make purchases – both in physical locations and online – where the merchant or organisation in question is able to accept MasterCard prepaid cards.

The Bet365 MasterCard, what’s more, is entirely compatible with contactless technology and so can also be used for those kinds of transactions.

How to get a Bet365 Mastercard:

  1. First you’ll need a Bet365 account – join now and get a 100% bonus up to £200!
  2. Log into your account using your username and password.
  3. Head to the ‘Bank’ section of your Bet365 account and select the dedicated ‘Bet365 MasterCard’ tab.
  4. Select your preferred card design and registered address.
  5. Your card will be sent out in the post.
  6. Finally once arrived activate your card using the 6 digit code sent along with it.

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How to use your card:

How to fund your card:

The card can only be funded from the balance of its owner’s Bet365 account.

Funding your card is done in the same way as any withdrawal, you must head to the withdrawal section of your account, select ‘Bet365 MasterCard’ as your withdrawal method and then choose the amount to withdraw. Fund will be transferred instantly onto your card.

How to withdraw cash at an ATM:

Your card can be used at participating ATMs which accept prepaid MasterCard cards, to withdraw cash. In order to do this, you need only find such an ATM and use the card in the same way as a standard debit card. The PIN required to withdraw money using a Bet365 MasterCard will be posted out to each card holder after the card itself.

How to make purchases with the card:

Holders can use the card to make purchases both online and in person. Once again, this is just as simple and straightforward as using a normal credit card for such transactions but can only be done where prepaid MasterCard cards are accepted.

Contactless payments are possible for amounts of £30 or below otherwise you’ll need to enter your pin to make a purchase in a shop or enter your card details to make payments online.

How to deposit funds with your card:

Finally, a Bet365 MasterCard can also be used to deposit funds back to a Bet365 account. To do this, a card holder should head to the ‘Deposit’ section of their account, select ‘Bet365 MasterCard’ as their chosen deposit method and choose the amount they want to deposit. It should be noted, however, that a Bet365 MasterCard can only be funded from a Bet365 account, so only funds initially taken from the account can subsequently be deposited back to it.

Is a Bet365 MasterCard for you?

Mastercard LogoA Bet365 MasterCard is in the simplest possible terms a prepaid card like you might take on holiday with you to avoid carrying too much cash around. It is not really a viable alternative to an actual debit card or credit card but for some punters it certainly holds a few notable benefits.

Those punters, for instance, who routinely have large amounts of money in their Bet365 account will find the Bet365 MasterCard to be a convenient way to have instantaneous and reliable access to those funds. The card can, after all, see a punter turn electronic money from their account into cold hard cash in little more than the time it takes to walk to an ATM.

Even if you’re not looking for cash, the card can also make it much simpler and quicker for any punter to use funds from their betting account for purchases and transactions away from online gambling.

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