Bookmaker ID Checks Now Before Deposit NOT Withdrawals

Author: Last Updated: May 8, 2020

Bookmaker IDIt’s rare that I write an industry news post on this blog but this one directly relates to one of the biggest complaints we get from punters.

In new rules announced last Thursday by the UKGC bookmakers must now do their customer checks before players are allowed to deposit funds and not, as was previously the case, before they can withdraw them.

Under the old rules players could deposit, win money and then find themselves embroiled in a web of ID verification checks before the winnings would be released.

A recent complaint we received against 188Bet highlights this situation perfectly:

So I went to withdraw my £2,000 and i was sent an email stating the wanted me to send them a bank statement within the last 3 months date on it also a picture of my passport a photo of my credit card both sides and a utility bill or letter addressed to my home and it had to be within 3 months date.

All this just as Proof of Verification.

Gave them all my details and I am still waiting for my £2000 to be returned to my account. I have phoned them on numerous occasions and they will just palm you off and make excuses saying the relevant team are looking into it and they shall send you an email when everything is resolved.

Whilst this situation is being resolved the comment is under moderation on our 188Bet review page but it just shows the pain caused to punters under the current legislation.

Personally I don’t see what this situation hasn’t be dealt with sooner, the old system lead to multiple points of frustration…

  • Punters are delayed, sometimes heavily, getting winnings.
  • The documents required are often extensive and you’re trapped into sending them as you want your winnings.
  • It feels damn right scammy that bookies will take your money no questions asked but as soon as you want it back they don’t want to give it to you.
  • Support at some bookmakers was slow and sometimes virtually unresponsive as withdrawals wern’t prioritised by bookmakers (you can bet your life deposits will now be prioritised though)

What & When?

The new regulations come into effect on May 7th 2019.

They state the following:

  • Licensees must verify name, address and DOB before any customer is cleared to gamble on their platform.
  • Inform any potential customers that documents may be required before they sign up and what those requirements might be.
  • Ensure the information they hold on customers remains accurate.

What If You Already Have An Account?

If you have an account with any online betting or gambling operator of any kind and you’re living in the UK then assuming you’ve already made a withdrawal you won’t be required to submit the above documentation.

If you are yet to make a withdrawal from your account there’s a chance you may still have to provide proof of age, address and name.

Not all punters will need to provide documents under the new regulations – if the bookmaker can verify your details using other means, after you sign up, you won’t be required to go through the verification process.


The currently appointed Chief Executive of the UK Gambling Commission ,Neil McArthur, said:

These changes will protect children and the vulnerable from gambling-related harm, and reduce the risk of crime linked to gambling. They will also make gambling fairer by helping consumers collect their winnings without unnecessary delay.

UK Gambling CommissionWhilst there’s plenty the UKGC do that I don’t agree with this time it feels like they’ve finally got one right!

The previous system was fundamentally flawed and I for one am excited not to have to read reams of player complaints regarding withdraws and ID verification come May 7th.

Surely this has to be a good move! Want more info? Check out our FAQ page on why bookmakers check ID.