How To Place An Accumulator Bet On Your Phon

Author: Last Updated: October 21, 2022

New to betting or just accumulators and want to get in on the action? Well first up you’re going to need to know how to place an accumulator bet with an online bookmaker.

Don’t worry it’s easy.

The easiest way for you to learn is for me show you with a real-world example. I’m going to be using BetVictor for this walk-through – sign up bonus info and review rating below:

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The process is likely very similar at pretty much any betting site or app.

Step 1 – Find Your Bets

Accumulator Bet

At this first stage I am going to assume a couple of points:

  • You’ve already signed up to the bookmaker and deposited into your account (haven’t? Go do that here!).
  • You know which picks you want to include in your bet.

When you land at BetVictor, I like to use the ‘Football’ link in the nav bar. You can click this and then it takes you through to the football betting “hub”.

The next phase of step 1 is to start to look through each of the leagues and then markets for your pick. It’s all fairly straight forward to find and BetVictor do a great job of not making this process harder than it needs to be.

Step 2 – Make Your Selections

For this part of the process we are looking to add our picks into our betslip.

Bet SlipWe can do this by simply clicking on the odds and when they are picked selecting ‘add to betslip’.

The selection will turn blue, just like the in the example – if it’s blue then it’s on your slip and ready to go.

As we are placing an accumulator bet, this means we need to keep adding in our picks. You just keep clicking on the bets that you want to include, and they will be added to your slip.

Note: you can add in selections then navigate away from that page and your bet will still remain in your slip. You may also have noticed that my odds are displayed in decimal format. I talk more about why I do this for my accumulator bets later on so keep reading…

Step 3 – The Betslip

All of your picks will now be displayed in the betslip which you can view at any point using the ‘Betslip’ icon in the nav menu.

It should look something like this…

Betslip 2

Now is the time to double check all of your selections. Make sure that not only the result that you want included is correct, but also double check the game.

This may seem odd, but I’ve seen people far too many times pick teams from the wrong match that might be playing a week later!

The bottom section of the betslip is where things start to get interesting…

Place Bet

The section that we are looking for is the ‘accumulator – which in this case would sometimes be referred to as ‘5-fold’ at other bookmakers.

All this does is indicate that we have 5 selections in our bet, and we are betting on 1-line, which means a single bet (an accumulator).

*It’s worth noting that this number needs to reflect the number of picks in your accumulator bet. In this example we have 5, so it’s called a 5-fold, but if we were betting with 10 picks, then it would be called a 10-fold.

Now… in the box labelled ‘Stake’… you guessed it… you enter your stake.

As you can see I’ve chosen a £10 stake and my potential returns are listed alongside – this will changed depending on your stake amount.

I recommend that you simply enter 1 unit in the box initially as this will give you the odds for the bet. As you can see from the image above, I have set my units to ‘£10’ ready for my bet, but if I set it to £1 it would show returns of £152.27 so I can tell my odds are 152.27/1.

Step 4 – Double Check Your Bet

This is the final chance that you can go over your bet and make any changes. I’ve been guilty of not doing this in the past and basically placing the wrong bet. Hours of research to finally place the wrong bet!

The worst thing about this is that I’ve had accumulators that would have won, should I have taken a little more care when adding to my betslip. Safe to say that double and even triple checking these things is just part of my routine now.

Make sure everything is in order before you then click ‘place bets now’.

Step 5 – Bet Confirmed!

Now you should be able to see that your bet has been placed and confirmed by your bookmaker. BetVictor outlines all the selections from your bet along with potential returns on your confirmation.

You’re also going to be able to jump across to the cash out section (assuming your bookmaker offers cashout) which then means that you can track your bet in play. Use the button on the nav bar:

Bet Confirmed

That’s it! You’re bet is now placed a hopefully you just sit back and watch it sail in.

Quick Tip: BetVictor have a function on their menu called ‘My Bet’ and this is where you are able to see a history of both open and settled bets. If you want to see what bets you’ve placed, then this is the place to go.

How Do Accumulators & Their Odds Actually Work?

Calculate OddsThis is a really common question that I get asked (emailed) about almost on a daily basis. The odds seem complicated to work out, but it’s actually very straightforward.

I spoke earlier in the article about switching the odds from fractional to decimal, and the reason that I do this is that it makes it much easier to work out the odds for an accumulator this way.

All you need to do is multiply each price together and then you get the overall price. From a recent bet I placed, we have the following:

  • Chelsea = 1.833
  • Man United = 1.364
  • Brighton = 2.450
  • Watford = 2.150
  • Liverpool = 1.500

Our acca would then bet: 1.833 x 1.364 x 2.450 x 2.150 x 1.500 = 19.75

This works out the same for any accumulator that you place and regardless of the number of selections that you include.

Hint: Don’t go overboard with your picks

Another massive issue that I see with placing accumulator bets is that as soon as people start adding selections and see the odds rise, they can’t control themselves. It’s like someone trying to stop smoking, they always just want one more.

The fact is that the more you add, the harder the bet becomes to win. Yes, you will hear stories of people winning 10-fold accumulator bets where they’ve placed a £1 bet and won £5,000 or something crazy like that, but they are rare.

Super-rare, in fact!