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Paddy Power Hotshot Jackpot – How To Play?

Paddy Power Hot Shot JackpotThe Paddy Power Hotshot Jackpot is free to play and offers you the chance to bag a top prize of £250,000 or more depending on the rollover.

If you can pick the first goalscorer in six selected games then the prize is yours. Here’s exactly how it works and how to play.

What is the Paddy Power Hotshot Jackpot?

Paddy Power Hotshot Jackpot is a weekly prediction game where you have to correctly guess which player will be the first goalscorer in six of the matches named on the Hotshot Jackpot coupon for that game week.

To play, you need a Paddy Power account, which you need to log into before you access the Hotshot Jackpot coupon (which is usually available from midday each Tuesday during the football season).

The aim of the game is to correctly pick the first goalscorer in the six games shown on the coupon. Do that and you could win all, or a share of the Hotshot Jackpot. This is a prize fund which will increase in size by £25,000 per round until it is won, or it reaches £1m.

If in any game week, the jackpot is not won then a consolation prize of £2,500 will be awarded to the highest scoring player. In the event of more than one player qualifying for the consolation prize, then the winner will be decided by the Hotshot Tiebreaker question, which the player also submits when completing their entry form.

How Do I play Hotshot Jackpot?

  1. Open a Paddy Power account
  2. Log into your Paddy Power account and head over to the Hotshot Jackpot promotion page. The competition is open for entries from 12.00pm each Tuesday.
  3. Select which player you think will score the first goal in each of the games shown on the Hotshot Jackpot coupon this week. If you think the game will finish 0-0, then you can select the “No Goalscorer” option for that game.
  4. Complete the Hotshot Jackpot Tie Breaker question by predicting the minute that the first goal will be scored in the specified game.
  5. Click Enter to enter your predictions and then sit back and watch the games unfold. Paddy Power will track how accurate your entry was and will contact you if you are a winner.
Hotshot Jackpot Strategy

Enter Hotshot Jackpot every week, it’s free.

Make selections close to KO so you know starting 11’s.

Be aware of set piece takers and penalty takers.

Only around 7% – 10% of games finish in a 0-0 draw.

Use bookmaker odds as a rough guide.

Hotshot Jackpot FAQ

1. How much does it cost to play?

Hotshot Jackpot is completely free to enter. All you need to play is a Paddy Power account. You can only make one entry into the Hotshot Jackpot per week, but you can play every week that the competition is run.

2. What happens if one of my selected players doesn’t play?

If your first goalscorer selection in any match does not play a part in the game, then you can no longer win the Hotshot Jackpot in that round. However, you could still be in with a chance of winning the £2,500 consolation prize.

3. What happens if one of the games on the coupon is postponed?

If any matches on the coupon are postponed or abandoned, then the match is considered void. At least seven Hotshot Jackpot matches must be played to a conclusion for any of the cash prizes to be awarded in a game week.

4. What happens if two or more people win the Hotshot Jackpot in a given week?

If there are two or more winners of the Hotshot Jackpot in any given week, then the top prize will be split in between all the winning competitors.

However, if nobody wins the Hotshot Jackpot and two or more players tie for the £2,500 consolation prize, the player that was closest with their Hotshot Jackpot Tie Breaker question will be declared the winner. If two or more players are still tied following the Tie Breaker question, then the prize will be split between them.

5. What can I win?

There is a consolation prize of £2,500 every week that the Hotshot Jackpot is not won.

In addition, you could win the Hotshot Jackpot, which is seeded at £250,000 and which increases by £25,000 with every week that the jackpot is not won, up to a maximum of £1,000,000.

6. How does the Hotshot Jackpot Rollover work?

The Hotshot Jackpot rolls over every week that the jackpot is not won by a player. When this happens, a further £25,000 is added to the prize fund each time the jackpot rolls over.

This continues from the seeding amount of £250,000 up to £1,000,000, when the Jackpot will remain at £1,000,000 until it is won.

7. Do own goals count towards the Hotshot Jackpot?

No, own goals do not count towards the Hotshot Jackpot. Official goalscorers for each game are taken from PremierLeague.com after all the games on the coupon have been finished.

8. Can I select 0-0 as an option?

Yes, if you believe a game will finish 0-0 and as a result there will be no goalscorers in that game, then you can select the No Goalscorer option, which will be recorded as a successful selection should the game finish 0-0.

Still confused? Maybe this promo video from Paddy Power will help:

Author: David Lenton

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