Fast Bank Transfer Betting Sites

Last Updated: June 6, 2024

Bookmakers Which Accept Fast Bank TransferWelcome to the Fast Bank Transfer betting sites section of If you are looking for a list of bookmakers sites which accept Fast Bank Transfer deposits then you’ve come to the right place.

I’ll start this section by showing you what I think the best options actually are and then I’ll go on to tell you about the deposit method, how to use this method, it’s history and any fees associated with Fast Bank Transfer deposits.

Best Fast Bank Transfer Betting Sites:

The following is a list of the best sites for deposits using Fast Bank Transfer:

Bet £10 get £40

18+ New customers only. Opt in, bet £10  on any football market at minimum 1/1 odds. No cash out. Get £40 in Free Bets on selected events. Free Bets expire in 7 days. Card payments only. T&Cs Apply, see below. | Please gamble responsibly

William Hill
Bet £10 get £30
18+. Play Safe. From 00:01 on 18.10.2022. £30 bonus. New customers only. Minimum £10 stake on odds of 1/2 (1.5) or greater on sportsbook (excluding Virtual markets). Further T&C's apply. #ad

*Info accurate as of 12-06-2024 for the UK market.

Top Fast Bank Transfer Betting Sites: More Info

  1. Betvictor
  2. William Hill

Fast Bank Transfer Betting With Betvictor


What are they like?

BetVictor uses a Fast Bank Transfer service on its site for customers, although on the site it is called a FastFunds withdrawal. Essentially though, it is the exact same thing, although the terminology used to describe the payment service is different.

Now, BetVictor holds one of the few 5/5 star ratings we have given to sites, so you know that when it comes to sports betting, it is one of the very best in the country, especially in terms of the odds offered, its promotions and offers and its high quality mobile option.

However, the impression I get from BetVictor is that Fast Bank Transfer payments, while offered, are not as convenient for them as other payment methods. Descriptions of how to use the service are somewhat sparse, so while this is a fantastic site, for this particular payment method, I think there is a better alternative.

Betvictor Review
Fast Bank Transfer Accepted!

18+ New customers only. Opt in, bet £10  on any football market at minimum 1/1 odds. No cash out. Get £40 in Free Bets on selected events. Free Bets expire in 7 days. Card payments only. T&Cs Apply, see below. | Please gamble responsibly

Fast Bank Transfer Betting With William Hill


What are they like?

William Hill does offer Fast Bank Transfer services to its customers and it is listed under that name on the site. Furthermore, there is also a clear description of the service and what the minimum and maximum deposits and withdrawals you can make fron the site using it.

When it comes to betting with William Hill, we gave them a 4.5/5 star rating which is a very good score. The site scores very well for the sheer wealth of options available on it, its stellar live streaming and In Play betting service, its radio station and its extensive stats package.

However, William Hill lost marks for a slightly dated site which is looking a little tired now especially against some of the new kids on the blocks. Also we did mark them down a little for not offering the best value odds, although in fairness, in recent times, the odds offered from William Hill have been much improved on key markets (notably football and horse racing).

William Hill Review
Fast Bank Transfer Accepted!
18+. Play Safe. From 00:01 on 18.10.2022. £30 bonus. New customers only. Minimum £10 stake on odds of 1/2 (1.5) or greater on sportsbook (excluding Virtual markets). Further T&C's apply. #ad

Compare Betting Sites: Fast Bank Transfer

Bookmaker Min Deposit Withdraw Fees
Betvictor £5 3-5 days 3-5 days 0%
William Hill £10 2-5 days 5-10 days 0%

Mobile Fast Bank Transfer Betting Sites

#1 William Hill App (Fast Bank Transfer Accepted)

App stats:

  • Bonus: Bet £10 get £30
  • Size: 45.5MB
  • Speed: Very Good
  • Stability: Very Good
  • Compatible: iOS and Android Devices

We’ve given William Hill the honour of being the best mobile operator for Fast Bank Transfer payments in the UK for a couple of reasons. First is that the site offers a much more in depth and accessible Fast Bank Transfer system than BetVictor.

That really is the be-all and end-all of the matter really as although BetVictor do offer Fast Bank Transfer, it is not as well represented on the site as a payment option as it is on William Hill and the overall impression you get is that BetVictor would prefer you use another payment option instead, whereas with William Hill it is just one of a number of different payment services available.

In terms of the app, William Hill’s is a very solid option. It has all the key features you would expect from an industry-leading bookmaker and the app is updated relatively frequently, although sometimes updates have caused a couple of minor issues for customers.

You can deposit from £10 up to $10,000 using Fast Bank Transfer with no fees charged. You can withdraw from £25 to £100,000 using the service and the processing time is expected to be around three hours.

This compares to a standard Bank Transfer which can take between 2 and 5 days to complete.

Betvictor App Review
4.5 out of 5 stars!
18+. Play Safe. From 00:01 on 18.10.2022. £30 bonus. New customers only. Minimum £10 stake on odds of 1/2 (1.5) or greater on sportsbook (excluding Virtual markets). Further T&C's apply. #ad

What is Fast Bank Transfer?

Not all payment methods belong to a specific company. For example, Visa cards have been around for decades, and they are used as a standard by many organisations, but Visa doesn’t actually belong to any one company. In the same way, the term “Fast Bank Transfer” doesn’t belong to a single organisation either, it’s just a phrase that is used to describe a quicker way to transfer money from your bank account directly.

Up until about a year ago, it used to be the case that if you wanted to transfer money directly from your account to somewhere else, the transaction would take about three days. Sometimes it would be quicker, and sometimes a lot slower, but most banks would usually state a three-day delay before the funds arrived at the intended destination. These days however, there is a new service called fast bank transfer (or faster bank transfer depending on who you talk to), that promises transfers on the same day, and usually within two hours. Suddenly, this method makes it suitable to pay for goods and services online, including funding your gambling account.

There aren’t that many bookies which accept Fast Bank Transfer as a deposit option but all those listed above do and are highly rated in the site reviews section of our site.

How to Use Fast Bank Transfer for Gambling: Deposits & Withdrawals

Bank TransferUsing a fast bank transfer to fund your gambling account couldn’t be easier. It’s simply a matter of logging onto your bank’s website and looking for the section where you can manage your account online.

All banks these days have online banking facilities, and by using this it’s a fairly simple matter to set up a transfer.

How To Deposit

  1. Log into one of the best Fast Bank Transfers betting sites listed above, visit the deposit section and select ‘Fast Bank Transer’ – they will provide you with details of the account they use to receive these payments.
  2. You will need a way to note these down and retain this information as once you have it, you then need to log in to your bank account (assuming you have an online account) or if not visit a branch to make the transfer.
  3. Provide the bank details of the bookmakers account in the Fast Bank Transfer form and double check you have all the numbers correct. Enter how much you wish to transfer into the betting account and then complete the transaction.
  4. For most deposits, the bookmakers name, their account number and sort code is usually sufficient. You will also likely need your account number or other reference number to ensure the funds are paid into the right account.
  5. With Fast Bank Transfer, the funds should be transferred over to your betting provider instantly, which means that you should then be able to log in and bet with the funds. However, the transaction may fail if you do not have enough funds in your account to make the deposit.
  6. Some banks also have security measures in place for this type of payment which can include entering a code, or accepting a phone call with a passcode on which you need to input on screen.

How To Withdraw

When you withdraw from your betting account to your bank account using Fast Bank Transfer, it is essentially a similar process to what you went through when making a deposit, only this time it is in reverse.

  1. Start by select the ‘Withdrawal’ option, in this case Fast Bank Transfer, and then from here, you’ll need to enter in your bank account details that you are making the withdrawal to.
  2. This will include your account number, sort code, name on the account and similar, but can also include other items such as Swift Code or IBAN number, especially if you are transferring cash from a bookmaker outside the UK. This isn’t likely however.
  3. Once you have completed the fields to complete the withdrawal enter how much of your balance you want to withdraw and then click the button to proceed.
  4. Your funds should be with you ideally within three hours, but sometimes it can take a little longer (banks often state up to five days).

Pros & Cons of Fast Bank Transfer Betting Sites

Fast Bank Transfer is not one of the more readily available payment methods at UK bookmakers, but for those that do offer it, it has a range of advantages and also a couple of disadvantages over other payment methods.


  • Secure – Seeing as you tend to operate the Fast Bank Transfer using your personal bank account, most conveniently through an online banking app, then the high level of security that surrounds your account as offered by your bank means that you should be well protected.
  • No Fees – As there is no third party involved in your transactions between the betting site and your bank account, as in the case with an eWallet service for example, then there are no fees incurred using this form of payment either when you make a deposit or a withdrawal.
  • Easy To Manage – Having one single bank account makes it easy to manage your funds and identify whether you do have enough money to play with or not. In addition, having one account means that you will also get your withdrawals slightly more quickly as they won’t go through a third-party service first.


  • Only Convenient For Those With An Online Bank Account – While you can make bank transfers in store, it is definitely the case that you need an online bank account in order to make paying via Fast Bank Transfer much more convenient. As such, if you don’t yet have this set up on your account then other payment methods are going to be much more convenient and accessible for you.
  • Only A Small Number Of Bookmakers Offer Fast Bank Payments – Perhaps the biggest negative issue is the simple fact that at the moment, only a relatively small number of bookmakers offer Fast Bank Transfer as a deposit and withdrawal method. As such, if you want to fund your account using this method then your options are going to be somewhat limited.
  • Can Take Time To Receive A Withdrawal – Even though Fast Bank Transfers are quicker forms of payment than standard bank transfers, you still may have to wait a little while until the funds from a withdrawal hit your account, although to be fair to banks, the processing time for this type of payment has increased markedly in recent years for most transactions.

Countries Where Fast Bank Transfer Is Accepted For Betting

In truth, any country which permits you to have a betting account with a provider either based in that country, or located outside the country, and which has access to a similar Fast Banking System that is available in the UK, should allow you to use this service.

However, in truth, it is very much a case of whether the betting sites in the country in which you want to bet from offer the service to you. As we have seen in the UK, uptake of Fast Bank Payments has been sporadic to say the least.

That said, with the rise in internet banking services across the globe, it is fair to say that Fast Bank Payments are becoming more prevalent and while you may need to search for a bookmaker in your chosen country that offers you this option, over time more betting sites should start to offer the service.

Security: Stay Safe With Fast Bank Transfer

Fast Bank Transfer should, by the way it has been designed, offer customers one of the most secure ways to pay for items and receive cash to and from a wide range of sources. Here’s some great tips on how to stay safe when using any of the best Fast Bank Transfer betting sites we’ve recommended above:

Top Grade Security

Top Grade SecurityAs you would expect from a major bank and major betting sites, the security by which these companies operate are the highest you can find online. You will find transactions are protected and encrypted and that your bank may have additional security safeguards in place to ensure that you are paying your money to a reputable company. Provided you can follow some basic safety guidance (see below), Fast Bank Transfers are a very secure method to run an account.

Be Wary Of Phishing Attacks

PhishingOne way fraudsters will try to access your account is by the use of Phishing Attacks. These are emails which purportedly come from a trusted source, but which will ask you for certain information that you should never transmit online, such as your bank details, PIN number, sort code, bank card number and security code and more.

Often these emails can look convincing, but you should be aware that your bank will never ask you to submit these items in an email and you should only ever use them when accessing the secure site for your bank or betting site.

If you think you have been a victim of a phishing attack, contact your bank immediately and change your passwords on all your accounts and keep the email sent to you for evidence.

Fortunately, thanks to strong awareness programmes, many people are now well aware of even the most sophisticated phishing scams.

Follow General Security Measures For Your Bank Account

General Security MeasuresA good rule of thumb when using Fast Bank Transfers is to ensure you follow the same security measures you would for using your bank account online. You wouldn’t give your pin out to a stranger, nor your bank details or security number. So follow the same good advice when using Fast Bank Transfers and you won’t have any problems.

About Fast Bank Transfer

Fast Bank Transfers came about due to customers frustrations at having to wait lengthy periods of time for bank transfer payments, especially those paid into your account, to clear.

Banks identified this as an issue and the first Fast Bank Transfers became a reality in May 2008, and are operated today by the large majority of high street banks and online banks.

Initially, only a few banks signed up to the service when it was first released, however the scheme proved very popular, with half a million pounds being moved between accounts on the first day.

When Fast Bank Transfers first became popular, banks used to use a number of security devices, such as key fobs and pin number device that could be used to authorise a transaction by generating a number.

Nowadays, these items have been replaced largely by online protection, which has utilised many different aspects of modern technology, such as voice recognition over the phone, or face or thumb print recognition on your mobile.

Fast Bank Transfer Contact Info

As different banks offer Fast Bank Transfers, there is no single phone number of contact details for customers to use.

Instead, if you have any issues with a Fast Bank Transfer, then you should contact your bank’s relevant department to gain help with your issue.

Most banks now offer Fast Bank Transfers, so you should find that there is a customer support service, live chat, phone number, email or similar for you to use for non-urgent enquiries.

However, if you suspect you have been the victim of fraud, or a phishing scam, then there are special numbers for each bank that you can use to contact them quickly.

Fast Bank Transfer Company History

Different banks have signed up to the Fast Bank Transfer system at different times since it was first available in 2008, but now most banks in the UK will offer fast banking services to their customers, especially those that have signed up to online banking services.

Fast Bank Transfer Betting FAQs

Your questions answered...

How Long Do Fast Bank Transfer Deposits And Withdrawals Take?

Deposits at any of the top Fast Bank Transfer betting sites listed above are instant. Withdrawals can take anywhere from up to three hours, to 2-5 days to complete depending on your betting site and the bank you use.

Are There Any Fees If I User Fast Bank Transfer?

No, if you use the Fast Bank Transfer service to make a deposit or for a withdrawal to your bank account, then you will not be charged any fees.

Will I Get The Welcome Offer If I Use Fast Bank Transfer?

Yes, seeing as Fast Bank Transfer is a very similar form of payment to using your debit card to fund your betting account, if you have funded your account this way then you should be able to access the welcome bonus with your bookmaker of choice.

However, as a precaution, seeing as bookmakers have different rules regarding which deposit options qualify for the Welcome Offer, it is best to check out any prospective site before you sign up to ensure that Fast Bank Transfers will qualify for the bonus.

Is Fast Bank Transfer Safe To Use With Betting Sites?

Yes, given that Fast Bank Transfers are conducted directly from and to your bank account and to your betting site with no third parties involved, then you benefit from the high level of security for these types of transactions used by both parties, including SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology.

Are There Any Similar Deposit Options?

Yes, using your debit card essentially does the same thing as using a Fast Bank Transfer as it moves your money from the same account to the same betting site. Standard Bank Transfers are also very similar, but may take a little longer for the transactions to be completed.

See Other Deposit Options: