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Top Betting Sites For MasterCard Deposits

Bookmakers Which Accept MasterCardThe best Mastercard betting sites are displayed on this page. I’ve taken the best operators from the reviews section and listed them here for you. Use the review links to find more about the different bookies and use the visit buttons to check them out directly.

List of MasterCard Friendly Bookmakers

*Info accurate as of 15-01-2019 for the UK market.

Compare Mastercard Betting Sites: Limits & Time Scales

Bookmaker Min Deposits Withdrawals Fees
Betvictor £5 Instant 1-6 days 0%
Coral £10 Instant 2-5 days 0%
William Hill £10 Instant 3-5 days 0%
Paddy Power £10 Instant 2-3 days 0%
888Sport £20 Instant 6-10 days 0%
Betfred £5 Instant 1-5 days 0%
Ladbrokes £5 Instant 3-5 days 0%
Unibet £10 Instant 2 days 0%
Betfair £5 Instant 3 days 0%
Totesport £10 Instant 1-5 days 0%
Boylesports £5 Instant 1-5 days 0%
Betdaq £10 Instant 1-5 days 0%

As one of the world’s largest providers of credit cards, debit cards, and related financial services, MasterCard has made it much safer and much more convenient to fund your online account.

Although best known as a provider of credit cards, MasterCard also issues debit cards and prepaid cards. As its branded cards are issues through over 25,000 banks worldwide, there are some major differences between its various products. Read on for more information and to find out how to use your Mastercard for online gambling.

How to Use Your MasterCard at Gambling Sites

Mastercard CardAs one of the two largest providers of credit cards and related products (the other being Visa), you will rarely find a site that does not accept at least one type of MasterCard product. However, the specific manner in which you use your MasterCard to make a deposit with your site of choice depends on which specific MasterCard product you’re using.

In general, you’ll have to provide basic financial and contact information, including the card number, the card’s expiration date, and a security code (if present). Additionally, you’ll likely have to provide your home address, telephone number, and possibly email address. In general, making a deposit with a MasterCard product is essentially the same as making a deposit with a Visa or Maestro product.

One thing to keep in mind is that if you’re using a MasterCard credit card to make a deposit with and online bookmaker, you’ll have to use an alternate withdrawal method when you want to withdraw your winnings sometime down the line. Due to UK regulations and particularities of the MasterCard payment processing system, payments bookmakers cannot be credit back to the account, particularly if the amount is larger than the original deposit.

As with any type of gambling, it is important to play within your budget. In addition to credit card, MasterCard also offers Debit cards and prepaid cards which can help to keep things within a preset limit.

MasterCard Security Online

As one of the largest providers of electronic financial solutions, MasterCard takes fraud prevention and detection extremely seriously, and has implemented details countermeasures to help prevent fraud and minimize the impact felt by the consumer when fraud does occur.

When using a MasterCard product for an online financial transaction, you can be sure that your personal financial information is as secure as possible. This goes for all bookies as well as online merchants.

Chip and PinThis begins with the cards themselves. All modern MasterCard products operate on the Chip-and-PIN system, which utilizes a smart chip jointly developed by Visa, MasterCard, and Europay in order to reduce credit card fraud. All cards come embedded with a chip, which is then matched to a personalized PIN code.

An equivalent process has been ported over to the digital realm in the form of the MasterCard Securecode. This is a code which you can create when you authorize the card, or at any time thereafter. It is simply a private password or PIN number.

Then, when you’re checking out at an online merchant or a bookmaker, you’ll be prompted to enter your MasterCard Securecode. This will be done over a secure connection visible not visible to the merchant. The Securecode offers an extra layer of security, and a bit of extra peace of mind. It is similar in function to the Verified by Visa program.

Also much like Visa, MasterCard offers zero consumer liability in the event of a lost or stolen card. So for unauthorized purchases, MasterCard will sort out with the merchant which party is at fault, but the consumer will not be.

All told, the security features offered by MasterCard, both in the cards themselves and at the corporate level, are more than sufficient to ensure that your financial details are as safe as they can be.

History of MasterCard

As a company, MasterCard traces its roots back to California in the 1960’s, when it was founded by a consortium of 5 banks in an attempt to compete with Bank of America’s own credit card. Like other credit cards, though, MasterCard got off to a slow start.

However, credit cards and related financial products seemed to be here to stay, and Mastercard continued to grow, in large by buy purchasing or merging with competing credit products. MasterCard entered the British market in the early 1990’s with the purchase of Access, and increased its exposure in Europe my merging with Europay in 2002.

Following a successful IPO in 2006, the company has continued to grow its presence worldwide, and currently holds the second largest share of credit cards in the industry. At present, MasterCard cooperates with banks worldwide to issue its credit cards and debit cards, and its cards are extremely widely accepted.

Fees Associated with MasterCard Deposits

While bookmakers may have charged consumers for using electronic forms of payment, including MasterCard, in the past, such practices are no longer common. In fact, I did not find a single online bookie which accepted Mastercard and charged an extra fee to its customer for using MasterCard, either credit or debit.

However, credit card deposits may come with a less-visible fee. As a credit card is essentially a revolving line of credit, you can typically use the card to withdraw cash again the credit line. However, these cash transactions are often charged at a higher interest rate than normal point-of-sale transactions. This can be done with no explicit warning to the customer, and usually is.

Note that this is not particular to MasterCard, and is practiced by all credit card companies. MasterCard debit cards would not have the same issue.

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