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UKash Accepted Betting Sites

Bookies Which Accept uKashWelcome to the UKash betting sites section. UKash works by the use of vouchers that have a 19 digit code. The idea being that you pay UKash for a voucher, which can then be redeemed at Ukash friendly online bookmakers.

Ukash was recently purchased by PaySafeCard and the UKash brand was merged with Paysafecard and now no longer exists.

The following is a list of bookmakers which accept Ukash Paysafecard.

List of Bookmakers

*Info accurate as of 16-01-2019 for the UK market.

Compare Deposits, Withdrawals & Fees

Bookmaker Min Deposits Withdrawals Fees
Betvictor £5 Instant n/a 0%
Coral £5 Instant n/a 0%
William Hill £5 Instant n/a 0%
Paddy Power £5 Instant n/a 0%
888Sport £20 Instant n/a 0%
Ladbrokes £5 Instant n/a 0%
Unibet £10 Instant n/a 0%
Betfair £5 Instant n/a 0%

UKash is actually quite a convenient way of depositing, as you can pay for UKash vouchers through a variety of methods on the UKash website, and then you don’t need to give the site your card details, just the UKash voucher code.

UKash also operate a number of prepaid MasterCards, which can be used like any other card wherever the MasterCard logo is shown. The only requirement is to preload your card before use.

UKash is available not just in the UK, but in 6 continents and also in 14 currencies. It is a well established service, and is regulated by the FSA, meaning it’s a safe and legitimate service for sending money, and for paying for services (including topping up a gambling account) online.

How to Use UKash for Online Gambling

The way you deposit with UKash really depends on the which of their services you are using.

If you are using their standard voucher service, then you will first need to head to somewhere that sells UKash vouchers. Currently there are many places you can get UKash, such as shops, post offices and petrol stations. Basically anywhere where you see a sign that says, “EPay”, “PayPoint” or “PayZone”. If you want to find somewhere near you, there is a search facility on the UKash website where you can locate your nearest pay point. Simply pay with cash and you’ll be given a UKash voucher.

Once you have your UKash voucher, it’s a simple matter of going to a site which accepts UKash and spending the voucher. Most online bookmakers these days accept UKash vouchers as payment. You can get UKash vouchers in any denomination up to £500 or 750 euros.

You can also pay with UKash using one of their prepaid credit cards. The most common of these are UKash Neo and UKashOut. These are prepaid MasterCards that can be used just like any MasterCard wherever you see the MasterCard logo. This obviously includes all of the major online gambling establishments.

UKash Security Online

SSL SecurityUKash is actually quite a secure method of paying for online gambling. This is particularly true if you don’t want to be involved with credit cards. You are able to pay with currency, so notes and coins, or you can pay for a UKash voucher with a debit card. This is no different to how you would pay for goods in a shop.

Obviously you have to be careful that you don’t lose your voucher, as the 19 digit voucher code is needed when you want to use the voucher online. So treat your voucher as if it were cash. The good news is however that once you have converted your cash into UKash, it cannot be stolen or manipulated online, and can be used immediately online just as if it were real cash.

Another advantage of using UKash is that UKash vouchers tend to be fairly low in denomination. You can convert up to £500 on one voucher, but the average transaction tends to be a lot less. £20 – £50 is the usual transactions. This is better than giving up your credit card details, and should those details find their way to criminals, a lot more money could be lost. With UKash, the maximum that can be lost is the value of a single voucher. Even then, if you lose your voucher or it gets damaged in some way; UKash will issue a replacement as long as you can prove the amount, when, and where it was purchased.

This is also true of UKash’s prepaid MasterCards. You can choose to load your prepaid card up with as much money as you want, but the usual practice is to put small amounts onto the card as and when needed. Again, this has an advantage that if the card details are stolen, then only the amount on the card can be taken, not the full amount of your credit limit. Despite that, UKash’s prepaid MasterCards are fully protected by UKash, so if you do fall foul to criminal activity you are covered.

UKash History

UKash was first created in 2005, so at the time of writing they have been going for approximately seven years. They operate as a brand of SmartVoucher Ltd, who are based in Macclesfield, UK. SmartVoucher themselves have been operating since 2001.

The UKash brand has grown exponentially over the seven years it’s been running, and now boasts nearly half a million places where UKash vouchers can be purchased. It’s also possible to buy UKash in over 50 countries around the world, including Canada, Australia and South America, and in 14 different currencies.

In 2008, UKash received a boost when Blue Label Telecoms Group became a partner. Based in South Africa, Blue Label extended UKash’s reach. In addition, UKash works in partnership with Microsoft to provide electronic tokens and secure prepaid transactions. UKash is fully regulated by the UK FSA (Financial Services Authority), and has two offices in the UK, one in central London and the other in Macclesfield.

Fees Associated with UKash Deposits

Banking FeesUKash is a free service to those who buy and use the vouchers. In some instances certain retailers have charged a small fee for accepting UKash vouchers, but UKash betting sites don’t charge.

If you use a UKash MasterCard (known as the UKash Neo), you may be charged the same as if you were using a MasterCard. Most bookies however don’t charge for MasterCards these days either.

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