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Visa Card Betting Sites: Top 10

Bookies That Accept VisaIn the Visa betting sites section I list the best bookmakers which accept Visa based on the reviews conducted in the reviews section of Cheeky Punter. All of the sites listed below have been given an A rating or better and all offer a free bet bonus as well.

Choose a site from the list, hit the visit link and you can be gambling using your Visa card in a matter of minutes.

List of Visa Card Friendly Bookmakers

*Info accurate as of 15-01-2019 for the UK market.

Compare Visa Betting Sites: Banking & Fees

Bookmaker Min Deposits Withdrawals Fees
Betvictor £5 Instant 1-6 days 0%
Coral £10 Instant 2-5 days 0%
William Hill £10 Instant 3-5 days 0%
Paddy Power £10 Instant 2-3 days 0%
888Sport £20 Instant 6-10 days 0%
Betfred £5 Instant 1-5 days 0%
Ladbrokes £5 Instant 3-5 days 0%
Unibet £10 Instant 2 days 0%
Betfair £5 Instant 3 days 0%
Totesport £10 Instant 1-5 days 0%
Boylesports £5 Instant 1-5 days 0%
Betdaq £10 Instant 1-5 days 0%

By far the most common form of payment online in the UK and the world, is the Visa card. Available in two different forms, the Visa Debit card and Visa Credit card, Visa holds the majority of cardholders worldwide, and therefore also operates most credit can debit cards than any other provider.

All of the online bookmakers accept both types of Visa cards, debit and credit; such is the popularity and distribution of the Visa card system. Bookmakers receive the majority of deposits via Visa credit can debit cards, so you would be hard pushed to find a bookmaker that doesn’t accept it.

Visa cards are also a favourite with customers, as they are accepted in so many places, and are usually connected with a bank or other financial institution. Visa cards are versatile and all-purpose, and as such owning a Visa card means only one method of payment needs to be carried. Most of the adult population in the UK own either a Visa debit or Visa credit card connected to their bank, so it follows that retailers and especially betting sites, make payments by Visa card a priority.

How to Use a Visa Card to place a Bet

Visa CardUsing a Visa credit or debit card to deposit at any bookmaker be easier. This is assuming you already have a account with your chosen site. If not you can create one easily by going to their website and setting up a new account. You should find this an easy thing to do, and help in setting up a new account is available at all the online bookmakers.

Your next step once your account is active is to add some fund using your Visa credit or debit card. To do this, find the section of your bookmakers’ website that allows you to deposit funds. There will usually be two sections for this labelled Visa, one for debit and another for credit. They are subtlety different so make sure you choose the correct one for your type of card.

Paying with a Visa credit card generally requires you to enter the card name, card number, the expiry date and the security digits on the back of the card. The security digits are there to prove you actually have the card with you. If you’re paying by debit card, you’ll generally have to give the same details, however you may additionally need to provide the card start date too.

Once you’ve entered your card details, all that’s left is to enter how much you wish to deposit. In the case of credit cards, the betting site will check to see if you have enough available credit. For debit cards, there is a similar process to make sure you have funds in your bank account. Once this has been confirmed your account will be credited, and you’re ready to start betting.

Visa Card Security Online

There are multiple safeguards in place to ensure your card details cannot be stolen or used fraudulently, and in addition to this if your card details do happen to be used without your permission, you can usually take this up with the card provider and get your money back, provided of course that your report your findings promptly.

When entering your details at any of the many bookies online, make sure your browser is operating in SSL mode. This is usually evoked automatically when entering any part of a site that asks for confidential information, but it’s always worth checking by making sure the site address begins with “https”. This mode means that information between you and the retailer is kept confidential and can’t be watched by anyone monitoring the Internet connections.

Your security is also enhanced by strict operating procedures within the online retailing business. This applies to all cards, not just Visa, and means that retailers must make sure all systems holding confidential information is kept secure and encrypted. Not even staff at the retailer are allowed to see all the data.

Visa Card History

The Visa card is one of the oldest forms of card payments available. Visa began in the USA way back in 1958, and was the first multi-purpose card that was useable virtually anywhere. It replaced a number of locally used cards, and meant that customers didn’t need to carry a large number of cards with them. Visa cards replaced them all.

The first Visa cards were credit cards, meaning that you effectively borrowed money from a credit card company every time you used it. Eventually however, Visa debit cards became more fashionable, as they were linked directly to a bank account, and provided a convenient way to access funds.

There are a great number of Visa cards in circulation, possibly numbering into the billions, and they are now used worldwide such is their popularity.

Visa Inc. is one of the largest payment service companies worldwide employing 6,000 people, and is worth nearly $20 Billion.

Fees Associated With Visa Deposits

Calculate FeesVisa credit and debit cards are relatively free of charges; in fact there aren’t any online bookmakers who charge for Visa debit card usage. Credit cards can be a little different.

These charges can be anywhere from 2% to 5% depending on the bookmaker. Adding funds via your Visa card however is still one of the cheapest methods possible. Withdrawing to your debit card is akin to withdrawing directly to a bank account, and is usually free.

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