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On Page: Bet365 app download guide – find out how to get the Bet365 betting app on your smartphone.

If you use Bet365 and fancy a flutter on your phone, then downloading the Bet365 mobile app is the way to go. You can get the Bet365 betting app for all Apple phones including the iPod touch, and all android phones such as the popular Samsung Galaxy. The app will also download and work on the iPad, Motorola Zoom and the Samsung Galaxy tablet.

Read on to find out how to download and install the app on your phone (it’s the same whether you want the Bet365 android app download or any other platform), plus discover some of the features this app offers. But first here’s some essential reading for new Bet365 customers.

How to get Bet365 on your Phone

Get bet365 on your phone now, visit:

The best way to add the app is as follows:

1 Visit and open a betting account now.

2 Go to your mobile web browser and type in the address of Bet365’s mobile website:

3 A screen will appear where you are asked which language you wish to use. Choose the relevant option. You will notice that the Bet365 mobile home page will load. This will be the screen you will normally see every time you open the app.

4 At the bottom of the mobile web page, you will notice a small + symbol. Tap on this, and then select “add to home page” from the next menu. The app will then automatically download and add itself to your home screen.

*If you have an android phone, simply add to your Internet favorites. You can then access the mobile site whenever you like.

Remember to open an account at before you download the app.

Essential Reading for Bet365

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Key Features of the Bet365 Mobile App

Bet365 Betting AppYou can use the Bet365 application to place bets wherever you are. All you need is an iPhone or other internet capable smartphone. You are then able to place bets on literally thousands of different markets ranging from football to tennis, and including racing and cricket.

  • You can bet “in play” from your phone, giving a true live gambling experience.
  • You can get the latest up-to-date prices directly from your iPhone, no matter where you are.
  • The app is available in 18 different languages. So no matter what lingo you speak, you can place a bet in your native tongue.
  • All screens are easy on the eye and easy to navigate.
  • You can get the best odds from your phone, just as you would from your computer.
  • Thousands of markets are available on sports worldwide.
  • Casino games available via the Bet365 casino app section.

Bet365 and App Compatibility

The Bet365 app is not available from the Apple App Store, however can be downloaded and run directly from the Bet365 website. The app runs on all iPhone models, plus the iPhone Touch. You can also run the app from an iPad and iPad 2.

The app is also compatible from all other Internet capable smartphones and smart devices when run directly from the Bet365 website. So regardless of whether you’re looking for the bet365 android app download or the to get the app for your Blackberry it works in the same way.

Mobile App vs Bet365 iPad App

Bet365 for iPad

There are a few cosmetic differences between the mobile app and the Bet365 iPad app. The iPad version is organised slightly differently and has quick links to five options (Language, Odds, Help, Promotions and Audio) whereas the Mobile App lacks these features but does offer quick access to the A-Z section for locating your chosen bet.

The Bet365 for iPad isn’t as laden with graphics as the mobile site. All menu’s are text based, rather than icons, which does give the sight a somewhat ‘spreadsheet’ type aesthetic.

In terms of coverage, all the top bets offered by the Bet365 website are available through either the mobile App or the iPad app, and you can still access the £200 new customer bonus when you register for an account and make your deposit through either app.

The touch-screen capability of the Bet365 iPad app works better than it does on smaller mobile devices, where selecting a menu or a specific bet from a longer list can be rather fiddly. The design of the app on the iPad makes selecting your bets this way much easier.

The Verdict

The Bet365 app doesn’t look as pretty as some of the apps from other bookies, but instead is extremely functional and easy to use. Bet365 have decided that functionality is better than aesthetics, and that’s probably a good decision considering when we’re using a smart phone we just want things to work and not necessarily get bogged down with lots of pretty images causing long load times.

The large text is a bonus, and makes everything nice and clear, however it does mean that less information can be displayed on the screen at one time. On the plus side, everything is super-responsive and intuitive. Even for first time users, the app is easy to navigate. With a multitude of languages to choose from, non-English users are also well catered for.

One obvious downside is the inability to watch live streams of races, but even on phones capable of this, it can be fiddly to switch between live streams and the betting screens, so this is really only a minor issue. All in all the app is a good one with a lot of features. You’ll be able to use it with ease to place bets using your mobile phone when you’re away from your main computer.

You can deposit using your phone once your account is set up.

Open an account by visiting before you download the app or check out our Bet365 review to find out more about Bet365.


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