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On page: instructions on how to download the SkyBet app or use SkyBet on your phone plus info on the bonus available and the key features of the app.

SkyBet App Download

SkyBet have always been very focused on offering high quality sports betting to their growing band of users that access the site via mobile and in addition to the mobile site, many people can now utilise all the features of their site via the app.

Currently there is only a dedicated app for Apple devices but all other users can use the browser based app, which is identical.

How to get SkyBet on your Phone

Before you can use the Skybet betting app you need an account with them. Open your account here and bet £5 to get a £20 free bet!

The easiest way to download the SkyBet betting app or use it on your phone is as follows:

1. Click here to open an account with SkyBet (£20 free bet included)

1a. If not using an iphone just log in and start betting, it’s that easy.

2. If on iPhone once you’ve completed your registration on SkyBet and have your username and pin number, visit the App Store and search for “SkyBet”.

3. Once the SkyBet app is displayed on screen, download the app onto your device and allow it to install. This just takes a few seconds. Once the software has finished, an icon will appear on your screen for SkyBet.

4. Tap on the SkyBet icon to open the app and log in with your username and pin number. The SkyBet app will now load up in full and you can now start to peruse the betting markets for your first bet to place.

Key Features of the SkyBet Mobile App

Skybet On MobileThe SkyBet mobile app offers you an excellent choice of different betting markets across a wide range of sports, anywhere that you can receive a phone signal or WiFi. You can have a huge number of betting markets available to bet on at the touch of a button, including some betting markets that are not easily found on other betting sites. SkyBet offers top quality betting on a number of sports, most notably football, horseracing, golf, tennis, cricket and Formula 1. Some of the key features of the app include the following:

  • An extensive In Play betting section (called SkyBet Live), which has a vast number of betting markets available for most sporting events it carries.
  • A simple menu operated list-based interface lists sports from the most popular to bet on to the least, ensuring that you don’t scroll through a number of less popular sports to find the bet you want.
  • The yellow Price Boosts icons, which offer enhanced odds on certain popular bets each day, is very easy to spot and easy to access on your phone, which is not always the case with some offers.
  • The Coupons tab at the top of the screen allows you to access pre-prepared coupons for a number of top sports, which makes placing some popular bets (such as football accumulators) relatively easy.
  • The Next Races tab allows horseracing fans to see the next scheduled race.
  • All horseracing bets are subject to a Best Odds Guarantee on UK and Irish races.
  • Placing a bet both In Play and ante post is very easy to do, even on the relatively small screen of an iPhone.
  • All SkyBet offers scroll across the top of the screen of the app allowing you easy access to any of them by clicking on the offer in question.

SkyBet and App Compatibility

You can download the app from the App Store on your iPhone and iPad (there have been certain changes made between each of these apps to enhance the betting experience on each device).

If you have another smartphone, such as an Android device, or another tablet, then there is no downloadable app available. Instead, you can access the mobile-compatible version of the website from your browser by visiting and the site will automatically detect what device you are using and load up the relevant mobile site.

Mobile App vs SkyBet iPad App (Tablet)

SkyBet iPadIf you are looking at how SkyBet looks on the Apple iPad compared to the iPhone then it is almost immediately apparent that the software on each is almost identical. In essence, what you get on the iPad is a slightly enlarged version of the iPhone app.

There’s no differences between the app when it comes to the promotions you can access, the sports and betting markets offered, or any of the other services available.

The one difference that is notable between the two devices comes when you are inputting information. At times on a smaller handset this can be somewhat fiddly with frequent mistakes, but on the iPad, due to the larger screen size, this is less of a problem. However this is the same for any app and not a problem peculiar to SkyBet alone.

So essentially, the iPad version is like a ‘Large Print’ version of the iPhone app, that makes it easier to use for some but even if you are semi literate with technology, you won’t find much of a difference when using the app on either device.

The Verdict

There’s lots of things to enjoy about the SkyBet app for both iPhone and iPad. It is fast, responsive and easy to navigate. It is well designed and intuitive so that the most popular bets are those that are easiest to find and access.

What is nice is that SkyBet does include a small number of pictures and graphics within the app and this does break up the menu-based system rather nicely and the effect is pleasing on the eye for the user.

Finding and placing a bet is extremely quick and easy regardless of which device you are using the app with and there are an extensive range of markets available for most sports and games. SkyBet also offers some markets, notably for football, which are not easy to find on other sites (such as betting on which club a player will be at following the closure of the transfer window).

The SkyBet Price Boosts options are well marked, easy to locate and easy to use and there are a fair few of them to utilise each day, however they are only based on specific bets and there’s no guarantee that the price boost will be on a market you are keen to bet on.

The In Play betting service is a mixture of good and bad news. The bad is that a lack of live streaming (only MLS Soccer is live streamed on the site at the moment) really hampers how appealing this aspect of the site is to users, who may be used to the plentiful streams available on competitors sites.

That’s a shame as if you dig down in the In Play section, Sky actually offer a huge range of in play bets on the games and matches and these would certainly be more appealing if you could view a live stream, rather than simply a diagrammatic representation of the match in question.

This small criticism aside, SkyBet is a fantastic app and a very good betting site with a huge amount of options. Using the app is easy for any punter, even one unused to modern technology.

You can of course withdraw and deposit funds into your account using your mobile or tablet once you have your account on the SkyBet site.

If you aren’t 100% sure yet on SkyBet, check out our detailed SkyBet review to learn more about the site and why it achieved a coveted ‘B’ rating from our reviewers.

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