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On Page: we’ll examine the best features of the Totesport app, the bonus available and explore why punters may be interested in having Totesport downloaded and ready to use from their mobile.

Totesport Betting App
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Originally famous for their tote betting, Totesport has developed into one of the most accomplished online bookmakers operating in the UK today and it has expanded its operations from a website to offering a quality service for mobile customers.

Totesport offers a freely downloadable app for both iOS (iPad and iPhone) and Android devices, which we’ll tell you how to get your hands on below.

How to get Totesport on your Phone

Note: to use the Totesport mobile app to place a bet via your phone you will first need an account with them. Don’t have one yet? Get a £25 free bet with Totesport now! T&C’s apply.

The simplest way to get the Totesport app onto your mobile is as follows:

1. Visit the Totesport site by clicking on this link. Once there, register your details as a new customer and open your new account with them.

2. Once you have registered with Totesport, you will have your username and a password. Note these down and have them ready to log in. Now, if you’re an apple user, grab your iPhone and head to the App Store. Once there, search for the phrase “Totesport” and download the relevant app.

If you have an Android phone instead of visiting the App Store on your handset, load up your browser and visit the Totesport mobile site. Here you will be able to download the Android compatible app directly onto your device. You can then log into the site and bet in the same way as iOS users can.

Note: using any other type of device? Then you can place bets directly via the Totesport mobile site linked above.

4. Once installed, click on the newly created Totesport icon to launch the software and log in with your username and password. You are now ready to deposit some cash into your account (don’t forget your new player offer!) and to start betting on the site from your mobile.

Key Features of the Totesport Betting App

Totesport MobileOnce you have delved into the Totesport app, you will see that the site offers a wide choice of different betting markets across the site. You can bet on all these markets directly from your iPhone provided you have a WiFi or 3G connection available. The app itself boasts a number of distinguishing features, some of the best of which include:

  • Many Totesport customers are interested in Tote betting and there is a link to the Totepool right at the top of the screen as soon as you load up the first page of the app. From here you can access all forms of Tote betting available on the mobile app.
  • There are quick icon links to a large number of top sports on the site including the most popular sports such as horseracing, football, golf and tennis. All of which are easily accessed by scrolling the bar across the top of the page.
  • A large number of promotions and offers are displayed in the bottom half of the loading screen, all of which can be easily accessed from a mobile by clicking on the offer in question.
  • The In Play betting section is also prominent on the home screen and clicking on this brings up a detailed In Play betting section, listing the different sports that have events in play at the moment. Navigating through these takes you to individual games and a number of bets available on each match up.
  • Although a different layout to most other apps, the menu driven system is relatively easy to follow once you understand that all main betting menus are accessed by scrolling the icons at the top of the home page.
  • Placing a bet is relatively simple, even on the smaller screen of an iPhone compared to a tablet device.

Totesport and App Compatibility

You can download the Totesport app direct from the App Store, or from the Totesport website for iPhone and iPad, however the link on the website simply directs you back to the App Store anyway, so it is advisable just to head straight there to save time.

If you have an Android device then you can download the Android-compatible version of the app direct from the Totesport mobile compatible site on your browser.

All other phone types can use the mobile browser version of Totesport which is identical to the app but accessed via browser and not app interface.

Mobile App vs Totesport iPad App

Totesport On iPadWhen you look at the iPad version of the App compared to the iPhone, it is immediately apparent that there is more space on this version as the screen is far less cluttered. However, on the iPad version Totesport have done away with the scroll bar at the top of the page and instead just list icons for three sports (Tennis, football and horseracing), an In Play icon, a Totesport icon and an A-Z All Sports icon.

Having used both apps, I think the iPhone version is actually better as it gives you quicker access to a wider range of sports. It is only a small change and you can still access all sports via the A-Z button, but it is quicker to do so on the iPhone app.

There’s certainly a lot more screen-size available on the tablet version and the iPad app uses that additional space well and it is probably easier and slightly quicker to get a bet placed on this app, than on the iPhone due to the extra space available.

All the same markets and offers are available on both apps, so you don’t miss out when it comes to promotions or choice, whichever version of the app you use. From my perspective, I think the iPhone app is slightly better designed and more intuitive while the iPad app uses the extra space well.

The Verdict

Totesport’s mobile app is certainly designed differently to most others. You’d be forgiven from looking at the load screen on both iPad and iPhone apps that the offers and promotions were the key features of the site, rather than the betting, but don’t let that fool you.

The betting options on the app are extensive and on the iPhone app especially, very easy to find and navigate too. There is also a fine Totepool option for fans of this form of betting and the In Play betting options are as rich and varied as you would expect.

One disappointing aspect about the In Play service however is the lack of live streaming which does impact how valuable that service would be to serious in play punters who like to keep tabs on how their chosen event is progressing.

The financial side of the app works well with the ability to withdraw and deposit funds from your mobile readily available as soon as you have signed up.

This is a solid, if unspectacular app that has been well designed (especially for iPhone) and which packs in a lot of features, even if the front end makes it seem that this is not the case. Dig a little deeper and you’ll find plenty to bet on with the Totesport betting app.

Click to read our extensive review of Totesport and why it was awarded a coveted B rating on our site.

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