Paddy Power Beat The Drop

Author: Last Updated: April 3, 2024
Beat The Drop
Paddy Power Best Odds Guaranteed
Answer 15 sports-related questions for a chance to win up to £5,000 completely free with Paddy Power’s Beat The Drop promotion!
Offer status: VALID | Last check: 11-07-2024

Key facts for the Paddy Power offer:
New Customers: Yes
Existing Customers: Yes
Paid as: Cash
Benefit: £5,000

All Paddy Power customers can take advantage of the free-to-play Beat The Drop promotion available right now on the Paddy Power site.

Starting with £5,000 in cash, you can decide how much to bet on each outcome as you work your way through 15 sports betting related questions.

Complete all 15 questions and however much of the £5,000 you have left will be yours to keep and paid into your Paddy Power account as freely withdrawable cash.

Then when your game is completed, you can then start a new game to try and win more cash, all completely free of charge.

You have 14 days within which to complete your game and perhaps land yourself a cash prize!

What Are The Paddy Power Beat The Drop Offers?

Paddy PowerCompared to more standard sports betting promotions, Paddy Power’s Beat The Drop offer is something rather different to what you would come to expect.

First off, this is a completely free to play promotion. You do not need to make a bet, deposit cash or make any financial commitment to participate, other than having a new or existing Paddy Power account without any restrictions having been placed on it.

Customers can play one game at a time and the aim of the Beat The Drop offer is to preserve as much of your £5,000 starting cash right the way through 15 different sports betting related questions.

For each question you can decide what to do with your remaining cash. You can either place all your cash on one of the options, and risk losing it if the bet you back is a loser, or you can hedge your bets and place a percentage of your cash on each option to ensure that you have some to carry forward onto the next question.

You then simply repeat this step until you either run out of cash, or you answer the 15th question, after which any cash you have remaining from the original £5,000 is yours to keep.

Once you have completed a game, you can then start another and you have 14 days within which to complete a game before it is recorded as a loss.

This is a fabulous free-to-play offer and if you want to sign up with Paddy Power to participate in this promotion, click on the button below!

Note: If you are signing up with Paddy Power to participate in the Beat The Drop promotion, do remember to take up the Paddy Power Welcome Offer for new customers to get some added benefits especially for new customers.

New customers only. Place your FIRST bet on any sportsbook market and if it loses we will refund your stake in CASH. Max refund for this offer is £20. Only deposits made using cards or Apple Pay will qualify for this promotion. T&Cs apply. Paddy's Rewards Club: Get a £10 free bet when you place 5x bets of £10+. T&Cs apply.

*Full details and instructions on how the welcome bonus works are available on our Paddy Power free bet page.

More Details…

Paddy Power Beat The Drop is a free to play game where you have £5,000 in funds allocated to you for each game and you try to hang on to as much of it as you can through 15 sports betting related questions.

Questions can be from a range of different sports including football, rugby, cricket, golf and similar and players are free to select from a range of questions for each of the 15 questions that they must answer.

For each question players can decide what percentage of their cash to wager on the different options available. They can go all in on one option, and risk losing the game if their bet doesn’t come in, or they can split their cash across the different options to ensure that they have at least something in the kitty to take into the next question.

Players can work through the questions at their own pace but must complete the game within 14 days.

Each question has a timer displayed for it, which when expired means players will no longer be able to access that question.

You can play through one game in a day, or over a longer period and you are allowed to play one game per day through this offer.

How To Use The Paddy Power Beat The Drop Offer?

  1. Sign in to your Paddy Power account. Sign up using the link – Sign up at Paddy Power here! (18+, New customers only, T&C's apply)
  2. Head over to the Beat The Drop promotion page on the site.
  3. Look through the different questions available for the first question in a new game and select the one you want to place your first bet on.
  4. Starting with your £5,000 in funds, decide what percentage of your funds you want to place on each of the options available and click to confirm to complete your first question.
  5. If you have funds remaining after the first question is settled, you then take those funds forward onto question two.
  6. Repeat this process until you either answer all 15 questions or run out of funds.
  7. If you run out of funds at any point, then the game ends and you can start a new game the next day.
  8. If you get to the 15th question and answer it and have funds remaining from your original £5,000 balance, whatever is remaining is paid to you in cash and you can then start another game the next day.

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Important Terms & Conditions


  • Open new account here or use existing.
  • Head over to the Beat The Drop promotional page.
  • Start your first game and decide how much of your £5,000 to wager on the betting options for the first betting themed question.
  • Work your way through 15 questions and whatever cash is left in the balance after the 15th question is yours to keep!
  • Each customer is eligible to one free game per day.
  • Only one game can be completed at once.
  • Only when a free game has been completed, you are then eligible to enter another free game the following day.
  • Any winnings from the offer are paid in cash.
  • The game time limit is 14 days any games that progress beyond the 14-day period are settled as a loss.
  • Paddy Power can disable or suspend the Beat The Drop offer at any time.
  • Players cannot use bots to place their qualifying bets for the offer. Any customer found using this software for the offer will be excluded by Paddy Power.
  • Before Paddy Power pay out any winnings from the Beat The Drop offer, players must produce valid documentation upon request in order to facilitate the payment of their winnings.
  • Markets are settled in accordance with the latest rules and regulations for Paddy Power Sports.

The full list of terms and conditions for the offer is available on the Paddy Power website on the promotional page for the offer, but for more information on the betting site, check out our Paddy Power review for more details.

Pros & Cons of Paddy Power Beat The Drop Offers

Outlined below are the main pros and cons for the Beat The Drop offer from Paddy Power.

  • The Beat The Drop offer is completely free to enter at Paddy Power.
  • Any winnings you receive are awarded to you in cash.
  • You have a choice of betting ‘questions’ to can elect to place your money on at each stage of the game.
  • Players have complete freedom over which strategy to adopt and how quickly to work through the game, provided it is within the 14-day limit.
  • Although this is a free competition, it is difficult to earn a return from the offer over the course of 15 questions.

Paddy Power Beat The Drop FAQs

Questions and answers

What are the main Paddy Power Beat The Drop rules?

The main rules of Beat The Drop are: one entry per customer per day, winnings paid in cash, free to enter, anwer 15 questions to win a share of the jackpot, bet your £5,000 starting balance on each question and whatever is left at the end is yours to keep!

What's the best Beat The Drop strategy at Paddy Power?

The aim of the game is to have some money left over and in our opinion the best way to play is to go all in on the first five questions and then use a 50/50 stragtegy from that point onwards. If you get the first five questions right you’ll be guaranteed a £5 profit.

Can you win free money at Paddy Power?

Paddy Power’s Beat The Drop game is the only way you can win free money at Paddy Power – as a customer you have a free daily entry into their jackpot game where if you answer questions correctly you could win up to £5,000 for free.