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Welsh Premier LeagueWelcome to my Welsh Premier League guide. I realize that gambling on the Welsh Premier isn’t that popular but for those who do bet on Welsh football I’ve got a comparison table of the best Welsh Premier League betting sites the web has to offer.

Also included in the Welsh Premier League guide is an explanation of how the league works, a look a the top teams and some links to useful resources which offer up to date news, fixtures and results for the league.

Compare Welsh Premier League Bookies

Compare Welsh Premier League bookmakers by the options they offer punters below:

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T&C’s apply to bonuses.

How Does the Welsh Premier League Work?

The Welsh Premier League is the highest league in Wales and is contested by 12 different teams, although the stronger teams in Wales – namely Swansea and Cardiff – have opted to play in the English leagues instead, where they have had a large amount of success. As the league is the highest in Wales, there is no promotion, as the winners are instead crowned as the best team in the country.

When it comes to relegation, teams are either relegated to the Huws Gray Alliance or to the Welsh Football League First Division, which represent the north and the south of the country respectively. The system works by one team being promoted to the Premier League every season, with the lowest placed team being relegated to a lower league.

It used to be that there were 18 teams in the Welsh Premier League, but this was changed in 2010, meaning that six teams lost their place in the top tier of Welsh football in one season. Currently the league operates a strange system, whereby each team plays each other twice in the first half of the season, before the league table is split in half, with the top teams playing each other a further two times and the bottom teams doing the same. The top half then plays for the championship and the honor of playing in Europe, while the bottom six tries to stay away from relegation.

Who are the Top Teams in the Welsh Premier League?

The most successful team in the Welsh Premier League is Barry Town, who has won the league a record 7 times since its inception. They are not the current champions though, as this honor is currently held by Bangor City.

Total Network Solutions – also simply known as TNS – are also a very successful team in the league, having taken the title back to Powys on 5 different occasions. The weakest team currently is considered to be Carmarthen Town, along with Newtown AFC.

Where to Find Information on Fixtures and Results

To find information on the Welsh League, there are a two websites that stand out from the rest. The first of these is the BBC, which provides league tables and live score updates for every match being played. The main page for Welsh football coverage can be found through this link.

The other Welsh football resource site worth checking out is www.welsh-premier.com, which has a huge amount of information on the league, such as player bios, detailed match reports and footage from the games. It is also the best place to go should you have any specific questions about how the Welsh football league works.

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