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Last Updated: April 3, 2024

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Payment method you’re looking for not included in the popular options above? Here’s all the other options you can use at different betting sites: Credit & Debit Cards eWallets Other Betting Deposit Methods



Having access to fast and convenient deposits is an important part of the modern sports betting experience. To help you navigate the range of choices when it comes to sports betting deposits, we have set out some of the key factors to bear in mind.

There is a huge range of betting deposit options out there, and the list of payment methods is growing all the time. So which one should you choose and which factors are most important?


In the modern world of sports betting, speed is increasingly important, and particularly in live betting, when those who are too slow will miss out on the best prices. So being able to get your deposit onto your betting account quickly is essential. Most deposit options at most online bookmakers will enable you to make quick deposits, but some, such as bank transfers, may take a day or two.


Withdrawal speed is one of the biggest bones of contention among sports betting punters. Being made to wait to get your winnings can be incredibly frustrating. The speed of withdrawal is determined by two factors: how efficient a site is at processing a withdrawal and the speed of the banking method. Most reputable UK sites will process your withdrawal quickly, certainly within 24 hours. After that, the timescale varies widely from a few minutes up to several days. E-wallet options generally offer the quickest withdrawals while bank transfers can take up to five days to appear in your account.


Another area of controversy around banking options is the application of fees. Some banking companies will attach a fee to depositing and withdrawing with a sports betting site. In addition, some sites will also charge a fee, though the top sites will not do this. Always make sure you understand all of the various fees attached to a betting deposit method before you use it.


Security is an ongoing concern for all of us and when it comes to financial issues, there is an increasing preference among customers for higher levels of anonymity. In this area, the newer deposit methods such as e-wallets and Google Pay/Apple Pay offer a far higher level of anonymity than debit cards, which require you to give your full banking details to a betting site.

Deposit limits

All betting sites will stipulate deposit limits, both minimum and maximum levels and these will vary according to the banking option you use. Typically, bank transfers will have higher limits, which can make them more suitable for those who are making large deposits, while debit cards will often be the more appropriate option for low or medium-level deposits.


Convenience is also an important factor when it comes to making sports betting deposits. In this regard, the debit card is often the most convenient option, as most of us will already have a card as part of our regular banking process. By contrast, the uptake of e-wallet methods is far more diverse and the inconvenience associated with setting up a new e-wallet method purely to use for your sports betting can be considerable.


Deciding on the best betting deposit method will depend to a large extent on your requirements, preferences and your existing banking accounts. Bearing that in mind, however, we feel that two methods stand out from the rest. The first is the debit card, and the second is PayPal.

The debit card has its strengths and weaknesses and some of these are outlined in the next section, but overall, this form of deposit method provides a level of convenience and ease of use that is better than most of the alternatives, and since most of us already have a debit card, these benefits will be available to almost all sports betting customers.

At the same time, it is also worth considering setting up a PayPal or e-wallet account to give yourself an additional option for making deposits and withdrawals. Care should be taken with some of the e-wallet methods as they can come with significant fees and charges, but as long as you take the time to do your research, there are advantages to using an e-wallet form of deposit.

The two main benefits of using an e-wallet method are in security and speed. When you use an e-wallet deposit method, you will be able to rely on an additional level of security between the bookmaker and the payment option, as you are not required to give your bank details to the betting site. In addition, e-wallet withdrawals are often completed within a matter of hours, and will usually be quicker than for payouts using a debit card.

Both Paypal and Debit Card options have arguments in their favour, but of the two, our slight preference is for the Debit Card due to its convenience and the fact that is directly linked to your existing bank account.


There are points in favour and against using a card method of deposit and withdrawal and these may ultimately determine your choice.


For many customers, security and anonymity are important considerations when choosing a banking method, and many prefer not to use card payment out of concern for these principles.

When it comes to security, using a debit card means that you will have to provide your banking details to a betting company. Many customers are reluctant to do so, on the principle that the more information you hand over, the greater the risk that you will be subject to a breach of security.

Yet while the threat of hackers and other malicious operators should never be underestimated, both the banking system and reputable betting sector employ highly sophisticated forms of encryption technology to protect both financial data and personal information. There are also ways to further safeguard your security, through biometric and 2FA systems, when using a debit card.

On the question of anonymity, it is true that debit cards are less private than e-wallets, although the top betting sites will always take data protection seriously due to the terms of their licenses.


Using a debit card to make withdrawals is safe and convenient but there is no question that it is slower than some other methods. Card payments may take a day or two to come through, whereas some e-wallet options can offer payments in a matter of hours.


One big advantage of using a debit card is the lack of fees, whereas fees are common with e-wallet payment methods, although the level of the fees will vary. Given that you may be making several deposits and withdrawals while you are using a site, having to pay a fee every time can really eat into your bankroll and can become a significant drain on your betting resources.


Convenience is perhaps the biggest single advantage of using a debit card rather than an e-wallet method to make your deposits and withdrawals.

Almost all of us have some form of debit card associated with our regular bank account, which means that it is a simple matter to register and start making deposits and withdrawals. Debit card is also the form of payment that is most likely to be accepted by all UK betting sites.


There is a long and growing list of e-wallet options available for modern betting customers, and many of these are now accepted by sports betting sites.


For those who are concerned about anonymity, using an e-wallet option is preferable to a debit card as these transactions do not show up on bank statements, nor do you have to share your bank details with a betting company. An e-wallet effectively acts as a go-between so your betting company needs only the e-wallet account details and not the number of your debit card.


Another area in which the e-wallet is a more effective option than the debit card is speed of transaction. An e-wallet deposit is instantaneous and a withdrawal to an e-wallet can be completed in a matter of minutes. This level of transaction speed cannot be matched by any of the other forms of deposit and withdrawal and makes e-wallets attractive to the modern betting customer.


There are, however, some drawbacks to the e-wallet method, and one of the biggest is transaction fees. While there is rarely a fee to use a debit card, e-wallet methods usually involve paying a fee at one or sometimes multiple points in the transaction process.

There can also sometimes be additional delays with the e-wallet option, when it comes to registering with a new betting account. The process of verification and obtaining relevant ID details can be longer and more rigorous with e-wallet options than with the widely accepted debit card.


While a debit card is usually accepted at all betting sites, that is not the case with e-wallet methods. You may find that if the site you want to use does not accept the e-wallet banking method of your choice, that you have to set up a completely new e-wallet account in order to make deposits, which can be frustrating and time-consuming.

One more restriction to consider is the impact on your ability to claim a site bonus. It is common for betting sites to restrict their bonuses, including welcome bonuses to a limited range of banking methods, which usually does not include some or all e-wallets.


Given that there are so many different ways you can deposit I thought it might be a good idea to give you a list of the easiest deposit options available. In my opinion of all the credit and debit card deposit options a Visa or MasterCard comes out top and when it comes to the eWallet options then Skrill (Moneybookers), Neteller and PayPal all offer an equally good service.


You will find that if you deposit using either a Visa or MasterCard then the process is ultra simple, access to your funds should be instant and withdrawals will be completed in a timely manner. On top of this you won’t be charged any fees for your transactions and they’ll be protect by about the best online security systems you could hope for.

Depositing using any Visa or MasterCard is just the same as when you buy something online. Once your account is open you are required to enter you name, the long number on your card, the expiry date, sometimes the start date and the security number on the back of your card. You then choose how much to deposit into your account and click confirm. From here in a matter of seconds the funds will show up in your account and you’ll be ready to bet with them.

When it comes to withdrawing using a Visa or MasterCard, as long as you’re not using a credit card, then things are just as easy. Process your withdrawal and the site you’re withdrawing from will credit funds back to your bank account. This process is likely to take anything up to 48 hours and once complete you’ll have your funds back and ready to spend.

Note: that if you do use a credit card (not available in the UK) instead of a debit card then you’ll likely have to find a different banking method to make a withdrawal as you’ll only be allowed to withdraw back to your card the same amount as you deposited.


If you prefer the added protection of using an eWallet deposit option then there’s not much between Skrill, Neteller and PayPal. Most bookmakers accept all three eWallets and depositing into your account will once again take place instantly after you’ve entered your details and selected your deposit amount.

Historically withdrawing from your account after making a deposit using an eWallet would take a little longer to process than a debit card withdrawal but in recent times they’ve caught up. There won’t be any fees and it should be completed same day. Once the cash hits your eWallet account you are free to do whatever you want with it.

The only consideration when using an eWallet service is the fees they charge for the use of the account. PayPal are about the worst for this when it comes to doing different transactions and Neteller will charge you a standard £5 withdrawal fee to your bank account every time you withdraw funds. With an eWallet you’ll get better protection and it’s easier to move funds around but you will encounter fees.

Frequently asked questions

A deposit option is a form of banking method that enables you to fund your betting account. Different betting sites allow for different types of deposit options, although some options, such as debit card, bank transfer and the most popular e-wallet systems are available with almost all betting sites. A betting site will also sometimes have a slightly different list of withdrawal options.


All of the top UK betting sites will offer a wide range of payment options, as they have the biggest customer bases and work hard to meet the needs of a changing market. Technically, in terms of the bare number of payment options, we found that William Hill tops the list, but when it comes to the most popular and practical range of options, Bet365 was the best site we have reviewed.


For well-known betting sites, licensed by the UKGC or another major European regulator, you can be reassured that there is a high level of security, whichever payment options you use. Technically, the bank transfer is the most secure form of payment, though the downside of this option is that there are considerable delays with both deposits and withdrawals. For a payment option that offers a similar level of reliability and security, but with faster payment times, we recommend PayPal.


Yes. As long as you use a fully regulated site, you will be protected by industry-standard encryption technology and stringent regulatory controls. Authorities such as the UKGC demand extremely high standards of all their licensees, and all of the betting sites we recommend are fully licensed and secure.


The payment option that you choose will only be relevant in the context of your deposits and withdrawals. It will have no effect on any bets that you place through a betting site.


Your choice of deposit method may indeed affect your welcome bonus. This is because many betting sites will exclude deposits made with certain e-wallet and other options from qualifying for the welcome bonus. That’s why to be sure that you will qualify for a particular welcome bonus you should either use a debit card, which will always be accepted as a form of payment, or study the terms and conditions of the bonus in detail to establish which methods are disqualified.


When it comes to deposits, there is very little to choose between the various banking options. All the methods usually provide for instant deposits, though bank transfers can take several days. The major differences occur with withdrawals. Some e-wallet options can be very fast. PayPal is among the quickest, processing withdrawals within the day. Debit card withdrawals are also fairly efficient, though in some cases, can take up to 72 hours.


Most betting sites will require you to withdraw at least the same amount that you have deposited with a payment method before switching to another option, although there may be other occasions when you can switch, usually only through speaking to the site’s customer support service.