We believe strongly in a regulated, safe and fair environment for gamblers. At CheekyPunter.com we pride ourselves on our independent and impartial reviews. Reviews are our own personal opinion and we do not accept financial compensation to influence the ratings included. We do however earn money from traffic referred to betting operatiors.

Unbiased Betting Reviews

It’s here, in the betting reviews section, where I get my say on the best and worst bookmakers the web has to offer.

Each bookmaker has been given a star rating which represents the quality of service on offer, their reputation, whether they pay out on winning bets and what kind of bonuses and promotions are on offer.

Bookmaker Rating
William Hill
Paddy Power
Stan James
Bet At Home

Betting Review Ratings Explained

The best of the best – any site which gets an A+ rating really is the cream of the crop.

Any online bookmaker with an A rating is a top quality place to bet online but isn’t quite as good as the absolute best online bookies.

The A- grade is applied to quality online bookmakers who’ve just got a couple of small issues with their site or reputation.

Good sites which pose little if any risk to player funds and have a solid reputation but lack the features to be rated higher.

Decent for placing online wagers but often lacking in features, promotions and bonuses.

Again OK sites but completely lacking in features promotions and bonuses.

Sites which have a good reputation but have been known to mess around with player funds in the past and cut off winning punters quickly.

Total scam sites which should never be used ever, avoid at all costs.

Online bookmakers which aren’t listed above – whilst every effort is made to keep the list above up to date obviously I can’t list every single gambling site in creation. If you’ve come across a site which isn’t on the list then my advice is to avoid it. All the top rated online bookmakers are included in the list and anything that’s worth a B rating or higher is already on there.

There’s little reason to bet with anyone who doesn’t have an A or at least a B rating so if the bookie you are thinking of joining isn’t listed it’s a good idea to give it a miss.

Note: If you think there is a mistake with the online betting reviews list above or want me to add a site to the list based on your own personal experience then don’t hesitate to drop an email. You can do this via the about CheekyPunter.com page.

Online Sports Gambling: An Unclean Industry

Whilst the majority of bookmakers are licensed in some part of the world the industry is by no means a clean one. It’s just far too easy for anyone to set up their own online site and start taking real money bets from punters.

In fact you can get your hands on a skin or white label if you prefer for as little as £10,000 and with it comes everything you need to start taking bets from punters no matter who you are or where you are in the world. On top of these unregulated and unlicensed sites you’ve also got the ones who are prepared to pay massive fixed sums of cash to website owners to promote them and most webmasters will cash in on these fixed sums without a single second of thought for the punters they are misguiding. Basically they’ll publish biased reviews on purpose.

All things considered it isn’t a particularly well regulated industry but that doesn’t mean there aren’t legitimate options where your cash is safe and you know you’ll get paid out on any winning bets. Here at CheekyPunter.com I’ve come up with a rating guide for bookmakers across the web. If you stick to the sites that that have A ratings to then you can be confident you’re cash is safe and you’re in a regulated and licensed environment.

Why Should You Trust The CheekyPunter.com Betting Reviews?

I know that there are a whole load of websites out there that are providing some form of reviews or ratings for different bookmakers. I already mentioned earlier that a host of websites will simply provide the best grades to the highest bidder and one of the main reasons you can trust the Cheeky Punter ratings is that I promise we’ll never accept payment in exchange for any rating listed on the website.

A Note From The Cheeky Punter (aka David):

The ratings which are listed on CheekyPunter.com have been put together by me the editor of the site. Previously my name and identity was listed on the about page but because of the unscrupulous nature of some of the companies reviewed on this site I’ve been forced to remove those details to protect myself.

I’ve been part of the online gambling industry for over 10 years now. I’ve bet sports online for that entire time and I’ve played online poker as a professional as well. Since 2006 I’ve bet with too many different online bookmakers to count and I know what it takes for any particular site to achieve any A type of rating.

It’s my promise to you that I won’t ever recommend any sites which I wouldn’t be prepared to use myself. I do still bet sports online and if I won’t bet there you shouldn’t either.

Do The CheekyPunter.com Ratings Differ From Others Online?

Yes the ratings you will read at CheekyPunter.com do differ from others you will find online. As mentioned some websites change their ratings based on payments which I don’t. My ratings are based on my experiences (as a long time online gambler) as well as news stories and player complaints received via email.

Now just because I’ve suggested that some portals do take payments from marketing teams to improve their ratings that doesn’t mean that all of them do and this isn’t the only honest place you’ll find reviews of bookmakers. What I saying is you can trust the ratings I give you and if you have a problem with any of the recommended options on this page then please get in touch via the contact page to tell me more.

You’re probably wondering if I make money from the bookies recommended here… and the answer to that question is yes. CheekyPunter.com is run to make a profit but I pride myself on being an honest voice in the industry and somewhere that players can come to find unbiased recommendations. I do still got to feed the family though.

You might also find that other info sites choose to list bookmakers which haven’t been listed on Cheeky Punter. This is a UK portal and I don’t put much emphasis on sites which accept customers from the USA. Many online bookies based in the states are currently tied up with ongoing investigations from the Department of Justice (DOJ) and there’s no way on this earth I’m ever going to advise you to bet with them. My main interest is helping punters from the UK and Europe to find the best betting sites possible where their money will be safe and they’ll get paid out on winning wagers.

Note:Check out the mobile apps section for different app reviews such as the Betfred app.

Author: David Lenton

David Lenton
David 'the Cheeky Punter' Lenton is an ex professional online sports bettor and trader with over 15 years of experience in the industry. He has also worked for a number of top bookmakers including Bet365, Ladbrokes, William Hill and Coral. With such a long time spent dedicated to the gambling industry no one is better placed when it comes to advising punters. Follow on Twitter @thecheekypunter