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PaySafeCard Betting Sites

Bookies Which Accept PaysafecardWelcome to the Cheeky Punter PaySafeCard betting sites page. On this page I’ll detail how PaySafeCards work when it comes to online gambling and I’ll show you my favourite bookmakers which accept PaySafeCards.

With a PaySafeCard you can only use the amount of money deposited into your account and only deposit the amount that the card is worth meaning it’s a great way to control how much you spend at any online bookie. With PaySafeCard, you are issued a 16-digit PIN you use at their partner sites, so there is no personal information gathered or collected at any website. Using PaySafeCard increases security when gaming online and helps to keep your personal details safe.

List of PaySafeCard Bookmakers

*Info accurate as of 16-01-2019 for the UK market.

Compare Paysafecard Betting Sites

Bookmaker Min Deposits Withdrawals Fees
Betvictor £5 Instant n/a 0%
Coral £5 Instant n/a 0%
William Hill £5 Instant n/a 0%
Paddy Power £5 Instant n/a 0%
888Sport £20 Instant n/a 0%
Ladbrokes £5 Instant n/a 0%
Unibet £10 Instant n/a 0%
Betfair £5 Instant n/a 0%

How to Use PaySafeCard for Gambling

Paysafecard Transfer

The first thing you need to do is visit a PaySafeCard sales outlet. You can easily find these outlets online at their website, and there is no doubt one near you. They are located in several different countries including the United States, the United Kingdom, Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Germany, France, Greece, Finland, Switzerland, and many others.

At a sales outlet, you exchange cash for a PaySafeCard 16-digit PIN; this is in the amounts of $10, $25, $50, or $100. This PIN is like your card number that you then use for their partner online gaming sites. There is no personal information collected and you must pay cash, not with a credit card. This is to protect your personal information as your credit card numbers are not needed or stored, and to protect the 16-digit PIN you’re given by PaySafeCard. You are allowed to purchase up to ten PaySafeCard PINs at one time.

With this 16-digit PIN, you may then log onto various partner gaming sites and use this as your form of payment. They will ask for your 16-digit PIN at the payment window. You can also log onto the PaySafeCard website at any time to find out your cash balance in your account, and revisit a location to add more cash to your account or accounts as well.

While no one under the age of 18 is legally allowed to use PaySafeCard betting sites, PaySafeCards are transferable, meaning it is legal for you to allow anyone else over the age of 18 to use your PIN. This means they may make a great gift option for someone that loves online gaming or shopping.

Because you are using your PaySafeCard only at partner sites and because you need to fund your account with cash, you are less likely to overspend on your online gaming. This takes the risk out of your online gambling as you will never lose any more than you’ve added to your account.

PaySafeCard Security Online

SSL SecurityHow do you know PaySafeCard is secure to use and safe for your online gaming? Security measures online change and are upgraded constantly, in order to keep your accounts secure when using the internet. It’s important to know how secure it is to use PaySafeCard.

One thing to remember is that your PIN number corresponds to your cash account at PaySafeCard only; you have no personal information or credit card information associated with this account. Even if your PIN number was compromised, there is no way for someone to access this private financial information, steal your identity, use your credit cards without your authorization, or drain your bank account. This makes PaySafeCard more secure than many e-wallet type of accounts or an account like PayPal, which stores your banking and credit card information.

PaySafeCard can only be used with contractual partners online, which means these work with PaySafeCard for increased security measures. You will know that you are using a secure partner website because their payment window’s URL starts using https://customer.cc.at.paysafecard.com/. You can also check their security certificate by clicking on the lock next to your internet browser’s address bar; the certificate is issued to “customer.cc.at.paysafecard.com”. Even the best sites will never ask for more information from you than your 16-digit PIN, so you know your information will not be compromised.

As with all cash transactions or use of payment online, you still need to exercise caution when using your PIN or when adding funds to your account. Never add funds through a website claiming to be PaySafeCard, but only at an authorised sales outlet where you pay cash. Sites will occasionally pop up, claiming to be a PaySafeCard outlet, but these are simply scams attempting to retrieve your credit card or bank account information. Check the security certificate and web address of any site you find online before you begin gambling or online shopping so you know you’re using a secure site. You may also have your PaySafeCard PIN disabled at any time if it’s been stolen or compromised in any way.

History of PaySafeCard

PaySafeCard was established in 2000 and is headquartered in Austria. They are regulated in the United Kingdom by the Financial Services Authority and as part of “The Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (EEA Passport Rights) Regulations 2001” are allowed to issue electronic money throughout Europe.

Fees Associated With PaySafeCard

Calculate FeesFor the first twelve months that you maintain a PIN with PaySafeCard, you are not charged a monthly maintenance fee. After that 12-month period, you are then charged a $2 monthly maintenance fee.

If you wish to redeem your balance on your PaySafeCard account, there is a $6 fee for this transaction. These fees are obviously very nominal and considered by many to be well worth it, considering the level of safety you’re afforded when using bookmakers which accept PaySafeCard and when you consider the added peace of mind in knowing you won’t overspend PaySafeCard betting sites are a great choice for many online gamblers.

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