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Skrill Betting Sites

Bookies That Accept SkrillA complete list of Skrill betting sites can be found on this page. I’ve researched bookmakers which accept Skrill and presented a table below which shows deposit amounts, timeframes and the bonus you can claim as a new customer.

List of Skrill Friendly Bookmakers

*Info accurate as of 16-01-2019 for the UK market.

Compare Skrill Betting Sites

Bookmaker Min Deposits Withdrawals Fees
Betvictor £5 Instant 1-3 days 0%
Coral £5 Instant 24 hours 0%
William Hill £5 Instant 24 hours 0%
Paddy Power £5 Instant 1-4 hours 0%
888Sport £20 Instant 2-5 days 0%
Betfred £5 Instant 24 hours 0%
Ladbrokes £10 Instant 6 hours 0%
Unibet £15 Instant 24 hours 0%
Betfair £10 Instant 24 hours 0%
Totesport £10 Instant 1-5 days 0%
Boylesports £10 Instant 1-5 days 0%
Betdaq £10 Instant 1-5 days 0%

With the invention of gambling and auction sites, there has always been the need for secure payment methods that don’t necessarily require credit and debit card details to be shared. This is where payment options like Skrill come in. Skrill is somewhat like PayPal, in that they are used as an intermediary when paying someone. In this case, we’re talking about funding a gambling account, so you open a Skrill account, and you can then fund your account (as long as it’s on of the sites which accept Skrill), and you actually move money to Skrill who then pays on your behalf.

Skrill is very convenient as you never need to disclose your payment card details online (except to Skrill), and you don’t have to enter multiple payment details into the bookies you use. Skrill also offers a number of security services such as anti-fraud measures.

Skrill is actually becoming more and more popular for online payments in the UK. PayPal used to be the number one payment method other than Visa or MasterCard, Skrill (which is owned by Moneybookers) is catching up fast and growing in popularity all the time. Skill or Moneybookers if you prefer are now very common.

How to Deposit at Bookies Which Accept Skrill

In order to use Skrill, you must first create an account by going to the official Skrill website. From here you can set up your account, and once that’s done you can manage all your account settings from this one site.

Skrill is very serious about identity protection and combating fraud and money laundering, so expect to answer some in-depth questions when signing up for an account. Of course, once your account is set up, you’ll have to add your bank details in order to fund your account. This is normal, and the Skrill site is one of the most secure sites you’ll find anywhere.

Once you’ve created your account and had it funded in some way, you can then go to your favourite Skrill friendly bookmaker and add money to your account.

Skrill Padlock IconTo do this, you simply have to choose Skrill or Moneybookers from the payment methods and follow the on-screen instructions. At some point you will have to log into your Skrill account (to prove it’s really you), when you do this, the only security check you need to make is to be sure the page address you’re entering the details into is moneybookers.com. This should be easily visible on the address bar of your browser, and you should also see the page is encrypted (because there will be a little padlock, which proves you’re on a secure connection).

Enter your details, and how much you wish to transfer, and Skrill will do the rest. They transfer the money from your bank account or credit card, and hand it to your bookmakers, who then fund your account. All of this happens instantly so it’s a quick deposit method as well as a secure one.

Skrill Security Online

If you decide to use one of the sites above, then you are actually quite secure. Firstly, you have no need to disclose your payment details, or even the type of card you are using; to the company you are ultimately paying. This means the only people you have to trust are Skrill themselves, and as they are a multi-national banking organisation, then there shouldn’t be any problem here.

Secondly, all the transactions you make go via secure encryption (also known as SSL, or secure socket layer). Even then, you’re only disclosing your Skrill username and password when you’re making a transaction, and if for any reason someone manages to break into your account, which is very unlikely, you are fully covered against online fraud and crime. In other words, Skrill has your back.

For added security, when you first create your account, you will usually have to verify any bank account you connect to your Skrill account. This is to safeguard you, otherwise people could set up Skrill accounts and connect them to random bank accounts whenever they liked. For verification, Skrill will send a small transaction to your card or bank account. You simply have to check that amount on your next statement (easy if you have online banking), and use that information to verify your account. This only needs to be done once, and after that your account is active.

Skrill History

Skrill is operated by Moneybookers, and they have been around for a long time, since 2001 in fact. Moneybookers was launched in 2002 and has steadily grown in a very short period of time to the point where they now have over fifteen million accounts. The name Skrill is the new branding name of Moneybookers.

Skrill (Moneybookers) operates in over 200 countries, and is now integrated into the banking systems, and is now one of the largest payment companies in the world. They are constantly adding more features, and have recently won awards two years in a row for the best payment providers and operators. Not only that but Skrill are now an official partner with eBay, providing an alternative to paying with PayPal.

February 2010 saw yet more fortune for Skrill as the Deloitte Buyout Track 100 League table saw Moneybookers as the number one fastest growing company in the UK. With more than 100,000 companies regularly using their services, and a massive account-base that is growing all the time, they really are high-class contenders in the payment service market. Bet365 was the first site to add Skrill and the rest soon followed.

Fees Associated With Skrill Deposits

Will you have to pay any fees if you use Skrill?

Most customers accept that being able to keep all their payment options in one secure place, and make payments to and from their accounts quickly and easily is worth a small fee. It doesn’t usually cost anything to deposit money into your Skrill account or betting account using Skrill, but there is a small fee that is chargeable in order to make a withdrawal. This is usually as low as 1%, or 0.50 euros, whichever is less. Skrill also operates a VIP scheme, so that the more you use your account, the less the charges become and often bookmakers which accept Skrill will swallow this charge if you ask them and are a regular customer.


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