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Betting Sites Accepting 50p Bets

50 pence50p betting sites are ideal for punters who just want some low stakes action and you’ll be pleased to know that I’ve got details of all the different bookmakers where you can place 50p bets listed below.

I understand that some people see gambling as just a bit of fun and only want to place small wagers and it these people that I’ve designed this page for.

Check out the best lower stakes options:

Betting Sites With 50p Bets

*Info accurate as of 16-01-2019 for the UK market.

Online Bookmakers With 50p Bets Compared

Bookmaker Min Bet Min Deposit Withdrawals Fees
Betvictor 5p £5 1-5 days 0%
Coral 1p £5 2-5 days 0%
William Hill 3p £5 1-5 days 0%
888Sport 10p £10 1-5 days 0%
Paddy Power 40p £5 1-5 days 0%
Betfred 1p £5 1-5 days 0%
Ladbrokes 5p £5 3-5 days 0%

What Do We Mean By 50p Sites?

If you take all bookmakers into account, there are some that allow a minimum bet of less than 50p, and these are also considered to be ‘50p betting sites’. However what’s truly meant by a 50p site is that the minimum bet allowed on any single stake is 50p.

As it happens, only a few sites allow bets below £1, and those that don’t are really missing a trick, since there is a huge market out there for people who only bet small amounts. 50p is neither here or there in today’s money, and most people who consider a wager online can afford to lose 50p. Those that bet these small amounts are generally those who casually bet on a whim due to a ‘feeling’ or ‘hunch’, or those who are testing out a new system and want to try it at low stakes before committing serious money. Fortunately, a few sites do allow 50p bets, and these are the best ones:

Reviews: Bookmaker With 50p Limits

BetVictor – The Best For Low Stakes

BetvictorBetVictor surpasses many of the other bookmakers for the single reason as they don’t just allow a minimum bet of 50p, but all the way down to 5p if you really want to bet that low. This makes it probably the best low stakes bookmaker in the online market.

If you’re new to gambling, then what better way to experiment than to start off in small amounts? 5p may not seem all that worth it unless you know of a dead cert that’s 100/1, but a 50p bet at 20/1 is worth a £10 win, and that suddenly becomes very attractive indeed. The thinking behind these types of bets is that you’re not likely to win often, but the gains for winning just the odd wager is good because the returns are so profitable. BetVictor capitalises on this type of punter by allowing them to bet small amounts. So this is a win-win situation for the bookmaker and the customer, and because the low minimum bets are available across BetVictor’s entire portfolio of markets, you can pick and choose as much as you like to find the markets with the best value.

Bet £5 get £30 at Betvictor!

New customers only, 18+, T&C's apply.

Coral – 2nd Best

CoralCoral is another of bookie which accepts 50 pence bets and is well worth joining. Again, as with BetVictor the minimum bet is lower than 50p, it’s actually 10p, but of course you can choose to bet at whatever level suits your style and method. Coral’s website is nicely laid out, and you can find your way around easily enough. Once you’ve found a market to bet on, you can choose to bet your 50p’s just as simply as if you were backing for £50. All the prices are easy to figure out, so you can at a glance work out which markets have value and which don’t. In addition, as with BetVictor, you can bet ‘in play’, which is also very suitable for low stakes punters.

Bet £5 get £20 free bet at Coral!

New customers only, 18+, T&C's apply.

William Hill – 3rd Best

William Hill LogoWilliam Hill have a great website, and their minimum bet is exactly just 3p only. Perhaps not quite as user friendly as the afore-mentioned two bookmakers, but nevertheless William Hill is a good place to start if you want to try your hand at a few low-stake bets. They have many markets to choose from, plus ‘in play’ and you can bet using your mobile phone via the William Hill app.

Bet £10 get £30 free bet at Will Hill!

New customers only, 18+, T&C's apply.

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