Bet & Watch Tennis Live Online: HD Streams

Last Updated: July 3, 2024
Live TennisThere is a 100% legal way to watch tennis online and you can find out how to do that right here (with HD streams).

If you look below you will see a list of tennis games that are currently available to stream. Some of the streams are available in HD, depending on where the streams come from, but a wide range of tournaments are covered from all the major tours (men & womens) and even the four majors can be watched.

How To Watch: get account with bookmaker showing stream, fund account or bet within last 24 hours to view. Geo restrictions apply.

*Geo restrictions apply. Funded account or bet within last 24 hours to watch.

Key Points

  • You must have an account with the bookmaker showing the event.
  • You must have funds in your account, or have placed a bet over the last 24 hours.
  • Streaming available on mobile devices as well as desktops.
  • Many streams available in HD.
  • Connection speed of around 600kbp/s is required for good quality.

What Live Tennis Matches are Shown?

You can stream live tennis matches from the many events that are played around the world. A daily list of the games available for streaming will be on our page and from here you will be able to choose the game you would like to watch from the following tournaments:

  • Mens, Womens & Doubles
  • ITF
  • ATP World Tour
  • WTA Tour
  • ATP Challenger
  • Australian Open
  • French Open
  • US Open
  • Wimbledon

Unfortunately you will not be able to live stream every single tennis match that is being played. This is because not every game has cameras there to cover it, and also because geo restrictions are in place to prevent you from streaming something another broadcaster might be showing in your country.

What In-Play Markets are Available?

Betting on any sport is popular, but especially tennis because the game lends itself to the in-play betting options that are available. Tennis matches can change frequently and different players can take momentum from different parts of a tennis match, so there is a lot of a change to the prices on offer. This makes it a great sport to bet on in-play, and if you place your bet at the right time you will find good value on a player to win the game you are watching.

All good tennis betting sites spread the following live markets:

To win the match

This is the main market on the match, and is simply who will win. This market goes live as soon as play starts and prices can fluctuate rapidly, especially if there is an early break of serve. This is the most common market to bet on, but in-play there are many other options you can look at which divides the match up into smaller parts.

To win the game/set

If you would like to place a bet on just a small section of the tennis match you are watching then betting on the winner of a game or set could be for you. Instead of choosing who will win the match outright, you are choosing who will win a smaller section, and is especially useful if you are betting a strong server to win a game they are serving in.

Correct score/total games in set

If the odds on offer are too short for you to get involved in the main match market, backing a correct score or guessing the amount of games in a set could be for you. This way you can still back your favourite player, but instead of backing them to win you could back them to win the game 2-0 giving you a better price. This also works with total games in a set, if you think the set will be over quickly then you can back under 9 games in the set for example.

Next Point Winner

Exactly as it says on the tin, this market is simply a bet on the player you think is going to win the next point. It open and closes very quickly so you have to get in and out with speed. Usually you’re going to find the player who is serving as odds on vs the receiver as naturally they have an advantage.

Game To Deuce

This is a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ market where you’re betting on if the next game will, at any point, go to deuce (40-40). In close matches you’ll find this occurring on a pretty regular basis but if you’ve got a game with two big dominant servers going back and fourth it might be one to avoid. Potenitally doubles and women’s tennis are better targets here as rallies are longer and aces fewer.

Handicap Betting

Handicap betting in tennis can be be made as a 2 or 3 way bet (virtually the same but 3 way includes the tie result). Each player is assigned either a plus or minus amount of games. When the match is finished, regardless of the result, all games are added together for each player, the handicap applied, and the player with the most games after the addition/subtraction is the winner.